Lust from Beyond: All Tarot Cards (Chapter 7: Welcome Among Us)

This guide lists all possible Taro Card readings Mabel gave you in Chapter 7: Welcome Among Us



from left to right:

1 [The Hermit]
It looks like you’ve focused a lot on your inner self lately. You analyse actions, and your thoughts and feeling. Where do you thinks this has taken you?

2 [The Hanged Man]
Apparently, you have passed the stage of plunging into the subconscious, gaining a new point of view. This means you are ready to enter the stage of understanding.

3 [The Devil]
A symbol of wild, primal power. Everyone has it. This energy eternally insatiable and has apparently recently manifested itself within you.

4 [The High Priestess]
Intermediate transmitting messages between then conscious and the subconscious. She’s able to limit the flow between these sources, keeping their original character. Maybe the world is trying to tell you that you should not analyse the subconscious with cold, calculated logic.


from left to right:

1 [The Lovers]
The presence of this card in present time means that perhaps the fate of your relationship is at stake. It means that despite the amalgamation, lovers remain two minds of their own, both with separate beliefs and outlooks.

2 [The Chariot]
It means that you are in motion, and that you can achieve whatever you want if you put in the right effort. This card is also a warning. It means despite your desire to explore, you are not yet an experienced traveller.

3 [Temperance]
This is a clear signal from fate, that here and now, you must find a balance between activity and passivity.

4 [The Moon]
It means that you are just beginning to perceive reality in a different way. In the moonlight, what unreal becomes real. And it’s often difficult to distinguish what is true and what is illusion.


from left to right:

1 [The Tower]
A sudden, abrupt change awaits you. The presence of this card in the future segment means that the bigger changes are ahead. The beginning of the end will come, and you will have to learn to come to terms with the way things are.

2 [Wheel of the Fortune]
It means that your destiny is coming and you are powerless against it. It is impossible to say what is the fate exactly. Everything is momentary and changes constantly occur. Fate is rough ocean to navigate.

3 [Death]
It’s not about physical death. The message of this card is much broader than that. The destruction illustrated on the card the personification of the price you will have to pay. Then you will enter the stage of rebirth by letting go your old life.

4 [Strength]
This card symbolises control and restraint of will. It means that you will finally be able to control your hidden desires. Remember that strength, if not properly balanced, can turn against you.

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