Made in Abyss Binary Star Falling into Darkness: Cave Raider Equipment

Tldr; In Binary Stars, you can obtain/unlock and craft new sets of Weapons, Tools & Clothing/Outfits as you get promoted to a new Whistle Rank and in this guide, I will list all of them (currently a Moon Whistle atm so I have yet to seen Black Whistle or White Whistle content) with their Damage/Defense, Durability (X amount of Use/Hits), Buying & Selling Prices for those like me that want to maximum savings while also considering weight and price.


Information of Units and Digits used in the game:

The Main Currency you can obtain from reselling items, relics and turning in quests are called “Orths”, as seen from the screenshot I took below from a side quest given by Mr. Detchuanga. I simply call them “gold” just to keep it simple, but ig you can call them “OP for Orth Points”, “OG for Orth Gold”, “OT for Orth Token”, “OC for Orth Coins”, or whatever else pun you can think of.

The “G” in items weight stands for “grams”

The “M” on your Depth Meter and the “M” shown about the Abyss being 1000m wide is not the same. Your depth meter uses “meters” while the Abyss is measured in “miles” because after plucking in 1000m into a “meter to miles” converter, 1000 “meters” is only 0.621 of a mile which is 1 kilometer.


Ranged Weapons
  • Blue Sky – 25 Attack, 200g, Costs 700 to Buy, Resale for 280
    [Crafting] – 2x Animal Bones, 2x Rhombus Thorn Plants
  • Blue Sky EX – 50 Attack, 500g, Costs 3500 to Buy, Resale for 1400
    [Crafting] – 1x Blue Sky, 1x Silkfang Thread, 5x Limber Scales

    • (Regular) Arrow – 60 Attack, 20g, Costs 35 to Buy, Resale for 14
      [Crafting] – 1x Fletching, 1x Arrowhead
    • Red/Blue/Paralysis Arrow – 60 Attack, 20g, Costs 40 to Buy, Resale for 16
      [Crafting] 1x Arrow, 1x Red Gauze/Burnt Blue/Paralysis Poison
  • Blazing Sun – 30 Attack, 250g, Costs 1000 to Buy, Resale for 400
    [Crafting] – 2x Insect Exoskeleton, 3x Hard Stones
  • Blazing Sun EX – 60 Attack, 500g, Costs 4500 to Buy, Resale for 1800
    [Crafting] – 1x Blazing Sun, 3x Insect Exoskeleton, 3x Limber Scales

    • (Regular) Bullet – 120 Attack, 30g, Costs 65 to Buy, Resale for 26
      [Crafting] – 1x Cartridge, 1x Hard Stone
    • Bone Bullet – 70 Attack, 25g, Not Sold in Store, Resale for ???
      [Crafting] – 1x Cartridge, 1x Animal Bones
    • Flash/Electric Bullet – 120 Attack, 30g, Costs 70 to Buy, Resale for 28
      [Crafting] – 1x Cartridge, 1x Flash/Electric Stone
    • Incendiary Bullet – 120 Attack, 45g, Costs 90 to Buy, Resale for 36
      [Crafting] – 1x Cartridge, 1x Oil Seed
Red Whistle Rank
  • Pickax – 30 Attack, 500g, Costs 500 to Buy, Resale for 200
    [Crafting] – 3x Animal Bones, 2x Hard Stones
  • Lt. (Light) Pickax – 30 Attack, 300g, Costs 750 to Buy, Resale for 300
    [Crafting] – 4x Animal Bones, 1x Hard Stone
  • Hatchet – 25 Attack, 200g, Costs 375 to Buy, Resale for 150
    [Crafting] – 2x Animal Bones, 2x Hard Stones
  • Small Hatchet – 25 Attack, 100g, Costs 560 to Buy, Resale for 224
    [Crafting] – 3x Animal Bones, 1x Hard Stones
Blue Whistle Rank
  • Blue Whistle Pickax – 80 Attack, 500g, Costs 1000 to Buy, Resale for 400
    [Crafting] – 3x Animal Bones, 2x Hard Rocks, 2x Limber Scales
  • Blue Whistle Lt. (Light) Pickax – 80 Attack, 440g, Costs 1500 to Buy, Resale for 600
    [Crafting] – Store bought
  • Long Hatchet – 65 Attack, 500g, Costs 750 to Buy, Resale for 300
    [Crafting] – 2x Animal Bones, 2x Hard Stones, 2x Limber Scales
  • Long Hatchet EX – 65 Attack, 200g, Costs 1125 to Buy, Resale for 450
    [Crafting] – 1x Long Hatchet, 2x Hard Stones, 2x Limber Scales
Moon Whistle Rank
  • Moon Whistle Pickax – 140 Attack, 1000g, Costs 2750 to Buy, Resale for 1100
    [Crafting] – 1x Blue Whistle Pickax, 4x Electric Stones, 4x Insect Exoskeletons
  • Wide Hatchet – 115 Attack, 800g, Costs 2060 to Buy, Resale for 824
    [Crafting] – 1x Long Hatchet EX, 3x Electric Stones, 3x Insect Exoskeletons

Thanks to Soap 漬物 for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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