MADiSON: Walkthrough with Puzzle Solutions

Scroll down if you need PUZZLE solutions, or watch the videos if you need to know where to find/use specific items.


Let’s Play / Walkthrough Episode 1-6 (Video guide by Dan Linden)

You can also check out the Youtube playlist from here:


Puzzle Solutions (Spoiler Alert!!!)

PAINTINGS in the Attic:
The Age written on the back of each paiting plus the number on the wall (discovered by taking a picture of the wall, where the paintings hang) should equal 43.
Diamond Shaped Painting on Diamond Wall Spot
Round Painting on Hexagonall Wall Spot
Square Painting on Round Wall Spot
Hexagonal Painting on Square Wall Spot

Order of PLANETS on the Wall:
You need to place them in order of the solar system. The picture you took in the slideshow-room shows the exact order:

CANDLE Puzzle:
You need to take pictures of the two paintings in each back hallway (that leads to the bells/closed door), in 1951 and 1987. They will show you which color the according painting has. Then you go place the candles in the mazes of the same color, under THAT painting. You have to place two in 1951 and two in 1987.
Blue Candle: Blue Maze under Queen Painting/1987
Yellow Candle: Yellow Maze under God Painting/1951
Green Candle: Green Maze under Angels Painting/1987
Red Candle: Red Maze under Jesus Painting/1951

The voice talks about a different victim of Madison on each floor. You need to figure out which one, and then take a picture of the wall where their tombstone is behind (bring a hammer to break walls). Once you’ve done that and the voice on all floors says “you, you, you”, go to the top and take a picture of the mirror.
Floor 1 – Robert Hale
Floor 2 – Judith Hale
Floor 3 – Drake Fletcher
Floor 4 – Lynn Jamie

Green Safe Combination:
You find the solution on two notes. One on the toilet early, and one later in the clock room.
3 left, 12 right, 5 left

Cuckoo CLOCK Puzzle:
Once you have the clock face from the green safe you’ll need to put it in other clocks to release their faces. There’s FOUR interactive clocks in the clock rooms, where you need to insert the clock faces corresponding to the time to the clocks on the SAME WALL. Then take a picture of the door.
You need the clock faces from: the green safe, the clock outside of the room with that safe, the kitchen and the last one is in the wrong clock int he clock room.

Red Safe Combination:
It’s on the note. The arrows indicate the direction and the red markings the times you have to turn (arrows included), outside to inside.
7 left, 4 right, 3 left

It’s on the note. The arrows indicate the direction and the red markings the times you have to turn (arrows included), outside to inside.
7 left, 4 right, 3 left

more to come VERY soon

Note: Puzzles may be somewhat randomized. if you have any other puzzles, please leave a comment.

Thanks to Dan for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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