Mafia: Definitive Edition – Race Tips & Tricks (Simulation Mode)

A list of tips & tricks with accompanying pictures to help players win the race on harder difficulties, mainly Simulation mode.   Introduction Like many others, this was my first time playing through Mafia’s Racing level; either in the Definitive Edition or the Mafia (2002). As a result, I was not used to the ball-breaking […]

Mafia: Definitive Edition – How to Fix No Intro Issues

Here is a simple guide on how to fix no intro issues for Mafia: Definitive Edition game. if you want to skip the intro, you can go to this guide.   How To Fix No Intro Issues? Open this folder __steam folder__\steamapps\common\Mafia Definitive Edition\sds_retail\video Make a backup of: _logo_2k_h13_bullet.bik Now create a copy of cine_black_video.bik […]