Mafia II Definitive Edition Save File Location (Save Issues Fix)

Here is a very simple guide showing the Mafia Il Game Save Locations. if there is any wrong in the guide, just feel free to comment.


Save File Location

  • Go to “C:/”
  • Find “Users”
  • Click “UserName”
  • Go to “Documents”

How to Find Save File?

C:\Users\username\Documents\My Games\Mafia II Definitive Edition

How to Fix Saving Issues?

What is SilentPatch?

SilentPatch is a series of unofficial patches fixing miscellaneous issues in games. SilentPatch for Mafia II: Definitive Edition resolves one of the high-priority issues with saving for users with non-ASCII user names. A bug exclusive to the Definitive Edition makes it impossible to save without making changes to the OS configuration – this SilentPatch release resolves the issue in the same way it will (hopefully) be resolved in an official patch, thus making the changes future-proof.

DISCLAIMER: The following patch has been made with the launch game version in mind. Bugs fixed by SilentPatch may be addressed in an official patch in the nearby future. If this happens, this SilentPatch will be updated not to include fixes for those and/or completely deprecated. If SilentPatch detects an unknown executable version, it will ask the user if they want to continue using it or not.

You have been warned.

Bug fixes
  • Fixed a number of saving-related issues when the path to Documents contains any non-ASCII characters.
  • Fixed a bug where copying saves from the original Mafia 2 would fail quietly.
  • Introduced a temporary ‘emergency’ save migration as an attempt to move the saves from a wrong save directory, if any were created. This could have happened if at any point the user ran the game as an Administrator in an attempt to ‘fix’ the saving issue.
Download and Installation
  • Download the patch files from HERE[]
  • After downloading, unpack the archive to your game directory. If you don’t know where your game is installed, you can navigate there from Steam by right clicking on Mafia II: Definitive Edition entry -> Manage -> Browse local files

If you’ve been affected by this issue and have followed the steps correctly, the game will now be able to import Mafia 2 saves (if applicable) and save with no issues.

Source code

Source code of the patch can be previewed on GitHub:

Credit to Silent
Mafia II: Definitive Edition (PC [reviewed], PS4, Xbox One)
Developer: Hangar 13, remastered by D3T Limited
Publisher: 2K Games
Released: May 19, 2020
MSRP: $29.99 standalone, $59.99 as part of the Mafia: Trilogy

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