Mafia III Definitive Edition: How to Fix 2K Game Launcher Error

First I tried High Pass Mafia 3. We will introduce some good information to those who cannot start the game due to the game launcher.
The 2K game launcher file started initially but did not restart during the game. Why?? like that ??

This way, I’ll show you how to fix the problem you’ve found.


Fix 2K game launcher.W_W Z NEW GAME !
I will explain in detail for those who have had a hard time with 2k game launcher.
If you look at the picture, the launcher connection file will be different.
There is a way to play the game normally using this.
Please change the connection file differently, and focus on the Mafia 3 game file before starting the game.
This is obvious what happened.
The changed files are marked with a star, so it is easy to check.
Game-related files have now been sent away.
Only entry into the mafia world is waiting.

If you look at the game launcher pass and the main game screen, you are a real champion.
Prepare a gamepad, delicious snacks and drinks to start the mafia game.
You can.
You need to capture it when you have a chance.

Enjoy the Maphi 3 game.
Exciting times and various missions await you.
Welcome to Mafia 3 World

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