Magical Diary: Wolf Hall Cheats

this game is based on renpy so you can always do the renpy cheats, go to your game install folder and then go: Magical Diary Wolf Hall\renpy\common and open the file 00console.rpy in Notepad ( i use Notepad++) then go to row 98 were it will say: config.console = False
change this to config.console = True and then save, now in-game you just press shift key + O to open the console, in the console you then type dir() and then press enter to get a list of all console commands in the game, then to edit anything you just type it with a = after the code (so something like this: Code = “Any number/name etc”)

EDIT: seams like you dont need to go to the 00console.rpy file, just start the game and press shift key + O and the console will open, also noticed a: Start With Console.bat file in the Magical Diary Wolf Hall folder that i guess will do the same thing.

To get money you just enter = 100 and your money well be at 100.

also well entering say = 100, sure your blue magic well go to max but it’s not there to stay because as soon as a class starts you lose it and reverts back to the stat your magic in blue was. That also includes Smart and Strong as well.

but I found if you enter player.stress = -50, your stress goes down by 50 and it dose not revert back to whatever stress level you had. not sure how it dose on merits never tried to enter player.merits = 25 or player.merits = -25 .

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