Magical Diary: Wolf Hall – How to Unlock the Hidden Achievement

Here is a instructions to unlock the hidden achievement “Why are you even here?”


This achievement is incredibly easy to get once you know what it is about.

For those of you who want to guess by yourself how to get it, here’s the achievement description: “You went home at the earliest possible opportunity.”

For the people who need more intructions, hover the text below:
– Play the game until you reach the first exam. None of your choice matters, so pick what feels best.
– At the first exam, use random spells to use up all of your mana.
– Give up the exam. Grabiner will refuse to let you give up if you still have mana.
– You will then face a very angry Grabiner in his bedroom, asking what this was about. When he asks you if you wish to be sent home, answer “yes”.
– That’s it! Enjoy the shameful ending and your newly unlocked achievement.

By Eli

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