Magical Diary: Wolf Hall – Side Routes Guide

There are some side routes you need to unlock in Magical Diary: Wolf Hall game. here is a guideon how to unlock them. this guide is not complete. we will update later.


Luke: the easiest, I was just nice to him
Pastel: I followed Minnie’s route
Angela: I followed William’s route, sent him a romantic valentine, was dumped and then Angela approached me. I highly suggest to save for her dialogs, some are hard to pass
ManuelJoinded Mushroom Club + made him treasurer. I ran a campain but wasnt elected but it worked

Raven: you need to be assigned as her Secret Santa – which means NOT being president (otherwise you’d get Jacob) and managing to find and interact with her a couple of times during the first semester.
Suki: If you don’t run for President at all, she does. Then you need to find as many ways as possible to talk to her about dragons and monsters.
Corrinna: This is the hardest side route in the game. To start with, you need to be in both the Poetry Club and the Literature Club. It gets more complicated from there.

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