Mainlining Walkthrough (All Puzzles Guide)

This guide is designed to help outline the steps necessary to complete the chapters of Mainlining.

Most of the puzzles have very short and simple solutions once you remove all the extraneous details, so I strongly recommend attempting each level and waiting until you get stuck (usually on the warrant stage)


Note: thanks to Clarkysun – their “no handholding guides” helped me figure out a few solutions. Also, also thanks to dubesor for reminding me about mi7.bp


General Tips and Advice

Mainlining is effectively a point-and-click adventure – you can play at your own pace and there is almost no cost for failure, so just relax and enjoy the game.

1) Choose a short, easy user name – you will need to type it in again later.

2) Every time you enter a compuiter, download everything. While you can use type to view a file on a computer, there is no downside to using download instead, and that will allow you to access the file at your leisure.

3) Make a point to read every file you obtain, as well as your emails, instant messages, and websites. Much of the story will be there, and all of your clues.

4) There is no penalty to submitting a bad arrest warrant – if you’re not sure, try anyways, worst case you wait a few seconds.

5) The text and web browser interfaces are not very user-friendly, so might want to physically write down IP addresses and URLs for reference.

6) The game automatically saves at the beginning of each chapter, but there are no manual save points. This is a bit annoying, but once you have already read everything, it should not take long to catch up.

Case File 01 – The Breach

Select a save slot, choose a username – you will need to type this in again later, so don’t make it complicated.

Start the game and go through the opening credits.

Choose an icon you like and hit next to start the game.

(Optional) Read your instant messages

1) Open your email program (envelope icon), read your emails and download the files from Oswalt and Sharp

2) Open both files – the case file will direct you to investigate a security breach by muscleboy81

3) After a short time you will get a popup asking permission to install “Look_up.exe”. Choose Allow.. This will add the Look Up tool (silhouette icon). Click on it for a quick how-to guide.

4) Open your browser (globe icon) and navigate to freedomwire.bp – note that the www is provided for you, but you must add the .bp yourself. Explore the site and note the links to specialcases.bp and grandtrunk.bp

5) On freedomwire.bp, specialcases.bp, or grandtrunk.bp, click on “sponsored by Thorn” in the top right to be directed to thorn.bp. Learn about Thorn here and you can download their files

(Optional) Ping grandtrunk.bp and iphack that address – you can download Thorn NDA for some insight into their organisation.

(Optional) Ping and hack specialcases.bp – the server is empty.

(Optional) Ping and hack thorn.bp – nothing you can’t download from their site.

(Option 1 – Drug Offence Arrest)
On the grandtrunk.bp site you will notice that muscleboy81 is selling Kek (an illegal drug) – click on it to get the order screen and click Buy. You will receive an email shortly allowing you to download Order Confirmed-Kek which you can use later as evidence.

(Option 2 – Identity Theft Arrest)
On the thorn.bp site, download A guide to being someone else in which muscleboy81 admits to identity theft.

(Option 3 – Programming Without A License)
On the grandtrunk.bp site, click on “See more…” right of “Services” – the hit box is a bit small, but if you do it correctly, you will get a list of services starting with “Software Development” by our friend muscleboy81. Click the on it and then the “Buy” button and await your email confirmation. When you get it, you can download Order Confirmed-Software Dev

6) After a bit more you will get the popup to install “Mainlining.exe”. Choose allow. You will now have the Mainlining app (command prompt icon). This will be where you do most of the “hacking”.

Now that we know what we are up against, time to start hacking

7) In Mainlining.exe type ping freedomwire.bp – this will give you the IP address.
It will also trigger a counterattack that disables your internet access – scroll up and write down the IP address because re-pinging the site will repeat the network failure.

Note: IP Addresses are randomized each playthrough, so using ping is not optional

8) To reset your internet you need to follow the instructions on your desktop… the same desktop Frankie from IT proudly emailed you about cleaning up. Open your recycling bin (bottom right). There will be three files – two text files explaining how hacking works and “Net Help” with your network password (changeme)

9) Open your internet connect (extreme bottom right) and enter the password – changeme

10) Now we can get back to action – in Mainlining.exe, type iphack (IP Address of freedomwire.bp)

11) Once connected, type list to see all the files – download them all. When you are done, type return.

12) In the mod names file we learn that muscleboy81’s real name is Brad Clay

13) Open Look Up, click on the “C” tab, scroll down to “Clay, Brad”, click on it, and stare into the face of pure evil. Note that his home address is in Central.

14) Click “Arrest” to end this menace, hit next to enter the location – Central as noted above (it’s in the centre of the central yellow province, oddly). Hit next.

15) On the “Evidence” tab, select your choice from step 5

File Name
Order Kek
5 Years
A Guide
15 Years
Order Dev
25 Years

Click “Next”.

16) Confirm your choices and hit “Arrest” – don’t worry, if you got something wrong you can try again.

17) Check the headlines and move on to Case 02.

Case File 02 – Down the Hare Hole

Bug Warning

There is a bug in the game code here – if you open more than one account page on the bank site, you will get a corrupted file when you use the download function (e.g what downloading for Adam Bob will give you a file for Charlene David). Make sure you go to the first subject, download their information, then close the browser and start afresh if you want to download a second account.

Brad Clay blabbed in prison, now we can stop a new drug – Hare – from harming the public.

1) Read the chat, open your email and download the case file from Sharp.

2) Per your case file, browse to mi7.bp. Read if you like, then go to the “Employee” tab. Scroll to the bottom and click on the link to the Hey, Earth! map application – click download, then confirm the install. Note the application is hosted on map.bp. You can attempt to hack it for a little worldbuilding. You can also hack mi7.bp.

3) Open the tracking app to start the next sequence. You can manually follow Agent Cooper’s progress, or you can click the red pin on the top left for easy mode. Once thje package is found, click on the top-left blue pin to follow it. Once the package is dropped off, switch back to the red pin to follow Cooper in pursuit of the suspect. Once the drama ends, you will receive an email.

4) The package stopped at an Interbucks – let’s see if they have a website. Browse to interbucks.bp. Try hacking into the site, then return to the browser. Feel free to go through the articles, but look – Brett James in the manager of the Drexel store – that’s where the package is! Click on him to see his bio – turns out he runs wellactually.bp.

5) Browse to wellactually.bp and read Brett’s posts if you like. Not much of use, so let’s hack in. Ping wellactually.bp then iphack the resulting IP address.

6) Download the posts if you like, but make sure you download login.

7) Open the login file. We couldn’t hack into the Interbucks machine, but Brett has left us a gift – the username and password to log in.

8) Return to Mainlining.exe – if you are not on localhost type return to get there. Type switch to change computers, use username ibucks and password coffee.

9) Now that you are on the Interbucks server use the list command – there are two files here, accounts and read me. Download them both.

10) Open up the accounts file and look through the recent transactions – looks like the bought some hare from Jim Jones! Now we are getting somewhere. Helpfully the file includes the URL for the bank – barlowes.bp.

(Option 1 – Arrest Jimmy Jones for Drug Trafficking)
We can go for an easy win and use the accounting statement to arrest Jimmy Jones for selling Hare to Interbucks, but first we will need to track him down.

a) Open the read me file from the Interbucks server to see Jimmy Jones’ IP address

b) Use iphack on the address to get into his machine. You can download and read his documents to gain further insight into this criminal mastermind. Once done, use the info command to find his address – Drexel.

c) Open Look Up, go to the “J” tab, select Jones, Jimmy and click Arrest. Set the location to Drexel – ti’s on the middle left of the red province. Use the accounts file as evidence, confirm your choices, and hit the big red Arrest button to send this menace away for 5 years.

11) Either browse to barlowes.bp and read the page, or hack in download, and read help to discover we can see bank account information by browsing to barlowes/(account number)Note that we do not include .bp here. Also, we cannot hack into this address.

12) Just to be safe, let’s check that Jimmy Jones’ account – browse to barlowes/12740903 or whichever account is on the line for “hare – jones”. Oh, look that account actually belongs to Joe Green in King! Good thing we didn’t arrest Jimmy for this, the poor fellow’s had this identity stolen! Hit download to save the details in g_j bank. This file also contains Joe’s IP address – you can use this to get into his computer and download his files, in particular email chain, where you can learn all about Joe’s criminal enterprise.

(Option 2 – Arrest Joe Green for Identity Theft)

Open Look Up, go to the “G” tab, select Green, Joe and click Arrest. Set the location to Kings – ti’s on the middle right of the yellow province. You would think email chain would be the best evidence, but you are wrong. Use the g_j bank file as evidence, confirm your choices, and hit the big red Arrest button to give Joe a 15 year lesson on being nice to barristas.

(Option 3 – Arrest Annie Son for Illegal Software Development)

13) We have a major drug dealer dead to rights, but that’s small stuff. Going back to the accounts file we will see there is a monitoring software purchase! I smell a hacker!

14) Browse to barlowes/01357889 or whichever account is associated with the “monitoring software” transaction. This will bring you to Annie Son’s account – download her details into s_a bank. We have her name and evidence of her crime, but we need to find out where she lives, and the bank doesn’t know and neither does MI7. Fortunately, the bank does have her IP address.

15) Use iphack on Annie Son’s IP address then list and download her files if you like. Seems she’s been developing software without a license so she can afford a family. Well, can’t have that. Type info and her computer will cheerfully rat her out – she is in Steel Bay.

16) Open Look Up, go to the “S” tab, select Son, Annie and click Arrest. Set the location to Steel Bay – ti’s on the middle right of the red province. Use the s_a bank file as evidence, confirm your choices, and hit the big red Arrest button. Annie will be 60 by the time her prison sentence is up, so she can kiss her dreams of starting a family goodbye. Proceed to Case 03, hero.

Case File 03 – Family Time

1) Read your instant messages, as ever. When your email arrives, download the attached image and view it. You should then receive an additional email with the case file; download and view that too.

2) It isn’t very clear, but you can make out car.bp in the lower-left of the rear window of the car. Use your browser to access it. The site isn’t very useful, so hack in. Once inside you can list to see a number of license plate files – download the one corresponding to the picture, or get them all if you are feeling eager.

3) Open the license plate file, and it appears this car belongs to a Bud Stern. This will trigger an instant message conversation – apparently the Sterns are a known family. Let’s see if they have a website…stern.bp… no… sternstern.bp, no… ah, stern-stern.bp. Going through the site we can see two domains – stern-stern.bp and philippos.bp.

4) Start by hacking stern-stern.bpdownload and read their files for some backstory and to learn about Bud’s family dynamic. You will also learn about torn.bp, which you can investigate if you like.

5) Next, hack into philippos.bp and once again, download all the files. Of particular interest are Order – bud where we learn that Bud has also stolen poor Jimmy Jones’ identity and Passes where Phil Stern has stored his family’s passwords.

6) This should trigger some more instant messaging – seems there is a problem with mi7.bp. Check it out with your browser.

7) Assuming you haven’t died of embarassment, it is time for Phil’s poor security practices to tear apart his family. We can start by logging into Phil’s machine – use switch with user philstern and password foalatheart but that just gets us back to phillipos.bp. Instead, let’s get into mom’s machine.

8) Use switch to log in as janetstern using the password bud79. Once inside there are two files, both useful. name email contains Bud’s confession to changing his name to Bud Blaze – and if we check Look Up, there definitely is a Bud Blaze. The other – family – is a delightful family photo that not only confirms Bud Blaze is Bud Stern but also gives us the family home in Uptown.

9) Finally, we can break into Bud’s computer to put the last pieces of the puzzle together. switch using user budstern and password 420louislistdownload, and read all the documents. In particular, Name Change confirming Bud Stern is now legally Bud BlazeHotSlot.asp, where Bud tries his hand at illegal software development, and Home Email where he says he is coming home to his parents’, which, as we know from step 8, is in Uptown.

10) Open Look Up, go to the “B” tab, select Blaze, Bud and hit Arrest. Set the location to his parents’ home of Uptown in the upper left corner of the yellow province, then hit next and choose the evidence to change Bud with…

(Option 1 – Arrest Bud Blaze for Transporting Drugs)
Select Name Change to prove Bud Blaze is the same as the Bud Stern who transported the Hare.

(Option 2 – Arrest Bud Blaze for Identity Theft)
Select Order – Bud to prove Bud used Jimmy Jones’ ID to purchase a motherboard.

(Option 3 – Arrest Bud Blaze for Unlicensed Software Development)
Select HotSlot.asp and Bud’s attempt to develop marketable skills will send him to the big house for 25 years.

Confirm your selection, and click Arrest. Hopefully Bud doesn’t know any good lawyers. On to Case File 04!

Case File 04 – Amateur Boxing

Now that Bud Blaze is out of the way, we have seized his laptop and can search it for more leads.

1) Catch up on your instant messages and emails – you will have two files to download from the later – the case file is a bit sparse, but OS Tut contains your instructions on the new OS swap function

2) Click on the new OS swap tab on the lower right, and click the flower-circle-mandala-Aztec-calendar icon to load Bud’s machine – unfortunately it is passworded. Put in any guess and you will get Bud’s password hint – year of birth. If you remember his mother’s password from the previous case – Bud79 – you can correctly assume the password is 1979. Alternatively, you can go to Look Up, pull up Bud’s record and see that he is 31 years old. It’s subtle, but the game is set in 2010 – the most obvious being the timestamps in your emails. 2010 – 31 = 1979. Welcome to the worst desktop background ever.

Note – if you get motion sick from the spinning background, you can open all the apps on Bud’s machine and tile them across the screen to block it out

3) Bud’s machine looks very different than yours, but it is broadly the same. There is a file folder icon on the top left – click on it to see BUd’s documents. You can use the Upload button to the top right to transfer these files to your own machine or read them here. Two things should get your attention. First, three of the files are marked with a padlock icon – those are encrypted files (which simply don’t open when clicked without any error message). Second, Bud apparently learned cyber security from his father and has left his own Passes file laying around. Open it.

4) We are already in Bud’s machine, so we can skip that – his FreedomWire account is a big win, but if you browse to freedomwire.bp it seems the site was taken out. Instead, let’s focus on his instant messenger account. Open Bud’s messenger app (the one on the top left with the two silhouettes. He’s left his user name in – big_boi_blaze, so enter his password Z1ON0101 (the first circle is the letter Oh, the next two are zeroes).

5) Read through Bud’s IMs to get a lot more backstory. You will need to open the message from Neil Smith however – it will contain the red password at the bottom.

6) Open the Great Public Privacy app – the shield-and-padlock icon on the mid left. This will allow you to decrypt Bud’s files. Screen Play and Fake Alibi is the green password in Bud’s Passes file and Kings Map uses the red password found in Neil Smith’s instant message. Note – the passwords appear to only user letters and never numerals. The lower-case L looks very one-ish, so if a password doesn’t work, make sure you have the correct characters.

7) Upload the decrypted files to your machine, and swap back to it using the swap OS tab on the bottom right – click the Rainbow icon.

(Option 1 – Arrest Jimmy Jones for Drug Trafficking)

Poor kid just cannot catch a break. Despite being clearly labelled as false (plus the IMs talking about it) the “justice” system will cheerfully accept the false contract between Healthiest Host and Jimmy Jones.

Open Look Up, go to the “J” tab, scroll down to Jones, Jimmy and click Arrest. Set the location to his residence of Drexel in the middle left of the red province, choose Fake Alibi as your evidence, confirm your choices and hit Arrest. Barrista? More like behind bars-ista.

(Option 2 – Arrest Ace Carry for Possession of Stolen Software

From her IM conversation with Bud, we know that Ace is losing money from poor quality code she bought from Bud, code he didn’t even write and just stole from another site. But stolen code is illegal, so let’s give her 15 years to focus on studying vendor validation.

Going back to their IM conversation, Bud says he stole the code from PokerPalz. That site doesn’t exist, but you can browse to pokerpals.bp – the site has problems, but if you hack in, you can download poker code.

From the same IM, Bud mentions “hot slot”. Browse to hotslot.bp to verify it exists, then hack in and download hot code. You can compare this file to the one you got from PokerPalz to see they are the same.

Open Look Up, go to the “C” tab, scroll down to Carry, Ace and click Arrest. Set the location to her residence of Warm Shore in the top left of the red province, choose Hot Slot as your evidence, confirm your choices and hit Arrest, and “present” her with 15 years in jail.

(Option 3 – Arrest Neil Smith for Hacking)

In Bud’s IMs, Neil Smith goes into details about how he broke into the university systems and stole their blueprints (the red locked file). Fortunately he had to poor sense to sign all his work, including the illegal software.

Open Look Up, go to the “S” tab, scroll down to Smith, Neil and click Arrest. Set the location to his residence of Freeway in the top right of the red province, choose Kings Map as your evidence, confirm your choices and hit Arrest. If he was so interested in King’s University, he should have just enrolled. in 25 years he could have gotten so many degrees.

Off to Case 05!

Case File 05 -Kim’s Inconvenience

Now that Bud’s connections are out of the way, we can focus on Kim Seo-yun.

1) Read through the IMs and emails, downloading Case File 05 and Arrest Int.. The Case File asks you to open the Tracking app, so do that.

2) As ever, you can click on the red pin on the top left to auto-follow Cooper. This will also start the drama – follow along with the left and right chat logs. You can’t scroll the right log, so you will want to read it as it happens.

3) Sharp will mention Cooper is at Greenhouse Datashelter, and that they have a website – greenhouse.bp. Browse there, then hack in and download all the files.

4) From Int. Email we can see Greenhouse is being threatened by Kim Seo-yun, and we have her email in Exto. Email. We also have the Trojen Worm, but it is currently encrypted. Fortunately Cooper is about to find Kim’s phone with her Skybox credentials.

(Option 1 – Arrest Kim Seo-yun for Extortion)
We’ve got Kim’s email threatening Greenhouse, so if you’re in a rush we can bust her for that.

Open Look Up and go to the “S” tab, then choose Seo-yun, Kim and click Arrest. You can look at the coastline near Cooper to see the location is West Sea – the lower left corner of the blue province. Choose Extol. Email for the evidence, confirm your choices, hit Arrest and clock out early for the day.

5) Browse to skybox.bp and click the Download button to addt the Skybox app to your machine. While you are waiting, hack into skybox.bp and download admin. Reading the admin file, we discover we can see usernames and passwords at skybox/admin.bp – browse there and notice Bud’s account – bud79 / thehotbox – we will need that later.

6) Load up the Skybox app and log in as Kim – user xxxkimxxx and password kekcity. Download all of her files and read them. Unfortunately, Photo ID and Trojen Worm are both encrypted with the green lock. Fortunately, we still have Bud’s machine…

7) Use the OS swap tab at the lower right to switch to Bud’s laptop, open Firebird – green and yellow icon in the middle left, browse to skybox.bp[/b[ and install [b]Skybox onto Bud’s machine.

8) Open the Skybox app and log in as KIm (xxxkimxxx / kekcity) and download her encrypted files onto Bud’s machine.

7) Open Great Public Privacy and decrypt Photo ID and Trojen Worm. The green password is the same as before and can be found in Bud’s Passes file.

8) Upload the recently decrypted files to your own machine using the up-arrow icon in the top right.

9) Opening the files, we can see Kim has a forged ID card and also has a computer virus to steal information from the university.

(Option 2 – Arrest Kim Seo-yun for Identity Theft)
Open Look Up and go to the “S” tab, then choose Seo-yun, Kim and click Arrest. You can look at the coastline near Cooper to see the location is West Sea – the lower left corner of the blue province. Choose a decrypted copy of Photo ID for the evidence, confirm your choices, hit Arrest.

(Option 3 – Arrest Kim Seo-yun for Hacking)
Open Look Up and go to the “S” tab, then choose Seo-yun, Kim and click Arrest. You can look at the coastline near Cooper to see the location is West Sea – the lower left corner of the blue province. Choose a decrypted copy of Trojen Worm for the evidence, confirm your choices, hit Arrest.

On to Case 06!

Case File 06 – Back to Boxing

1) Go through your IMs and emails – if Kim is telling the truth, Mr Blue is going a dark direction. Download Case File_06 and read it. Apparently we already have Ms. Woods’ laptop in evidence.

2) Use the OS tab to swap to Neysa’s Cherrybook (the Cherry logo). Try to log in, fail, and you will get her password hint – Ex-husband’s first name.

3) Swap back to your own PC, open Look Up, hit the “W” tab and look for Woods, Neysa. There is only one other Woods – 45 and unemployed, so he fits the bill…

4) Swap to Neysa’s Cherrybook and use the password Willis to get in. Open her files app (blue folder icon, bottom left-of-middle), read, and download everything.

(Option 1 – Arrest Willis Woods for Drug Trafficking)

From Willis Letter it seems Mr. Woods is not having a great go at life. From Hare Recipe we can see that he is also the co-inventor of the illegal street drug Hare. Why don’t we make his life worse?

Mi7 has his address recorded as Winterwell, but tryng to arrest him there will fail. Instead, open Neysa’s Phone Numbers file and find WIllis’s number at the bottom.

That scanner icon at the bottom right looks interesting – click it, and oh, Neysa has a phone-tracking app. Type in Williis’s phone number – you can use the green dot to toggle maximize window if you need to see the Phone Numbers file. Looks like Willis is hanging out in West Sea.

Open Look Up, find Woods, Willis and hit Arrest. Set the location to West Sea, choose Hare Recipe for your evidence, confirm your choices, hit Arrest and give Neysa a little marital revenge from beyond the grave.

5) Open Neysa’s instant messages (blue voice bubble, bottom right-of-centre) and read them all. Of particular interest, an offer of black hat services from LEOBB.bp and a dispute over some web design by Abcraft.bp

6) Browse to Abcraft.bp – nothing too exciting. Move on to leobb.bp. That’s a little more interesting (this is a reference to Low Orbit Ion Cannon a real-life DoS tool).

7) Hack into abcraft.bp. Run an info command and it seems Abcraft belongs to Abby Web. There is only one file – final design – download it, then view it. Abby was trying to develop a “better” look for GrandTrunk…You can jump to Option 3 now if you like.

8) Hack into leobb.bp and run an info command – that’ interesting, this also belongs to Abby Web or maybe that is a bug. Either way, download and read remote login.. That gives you the IP address of “Mindy’s Phone”.

9) Hack in, and note the owner and her location – Mindy WIll in East Sea. Download and read everything. These sites ghostsquad.bp and walkingthedead.bp sound pretty cool, but if you try, they aren’t there. Oh, reading bc wallet will show why.

(Option 2 – Arrest Mindy Will for Theft(?))

Open Look Up, find Will, Mindy and hit Arrest. Set the location to East Sea – the rightmost part of the blue province – per her phone, and use the bc wallet as evidence. Confirm you choices, hit arrest, and blast her butt into prison for the next 15 years.

Option 3 – Arrest Abby Web for Illegal Software Development)

Mindy might be an extortionist and vandal, but it’s really only possible due to Abby’s work, if leobb.bp is to be trusted.

Open Look Up, find Web, Abby and hit Arrest. Set the location to Merriwyn (her residence according to Look Up) – the second rightmost part of the blue province – per her phone, and use the Final Design as evidence. Confirm you choices, hit arrest, and with any luck, after 25 years in the big house she’ll develop some taste in web design.

Case 7 awaits, huzzah!

Case File 07 – Looking Within

1) Read the IMs, await Sharp’s email, and download [n]Case File 07[/b]. Read it over while you await Barnes’ work-related email with the attached List.

2) Ideally, you will hack into all the coworkers listed and go through the files – or at least Cooper’s for some backstory.

3) Hack into “Gank Hrund”‘s machine and run info to see the machine is in Winterwell download, and read Clean Script. Well, that’s interesting.

4) Hack into the IP address listed in Clean Script, download and read everything.

5) From Loki Chat we can see that the suspect’s name is actually Hank Grundp – that makes more sense. He will also be visiting his mom in the evening, which is presumably why his computer is in Winterwell. More importantly, the bc wallet file proves… something? The transactions are identical to the ones from the Interbucks Coffee shop being used as a drug drop, so I guess this is him stealing the bit coin wallet for himself?

(Option Only – Arrest Hank Grund for Illegal Software Development)

Open Look Up, go to the “G” tab, choose Grund, Hank, and click Arrest. Set the location to Winterwell in the top middle of the blue province, set the evidence to bc wallet and hit arrest. Also hit Hank a few times on his way to the big house, based on the newspaper’s take.

Time for Case 8!

Case File 08 – Heavyweight Boxing

1) Catch up with your IMs and emails. Verify the sites are down if you like. Also read Ash’s email. I almost feel bad.

2) After a while you will get an email from a “Professor Wanderer” – someone by the same name wrote the script Hank Grund used, but they claim they have the password to the mysterious notebook that was just shipped to MI7…

3) Use the OS Swap function to switch to the Ingot Notebook (the yellow cube icon) and use the password spinose.

4) There are two drives on the notebook – the red A drive and the yellow B drive. You should read everything on both drives, but everything on the red drive is background flavour.

5) From the yellow drive, download ticket and game art

(Option 1 – Arrest Annie Son for Drug Trafficking)

Reading the files with 420kid, it seems Mr Blue is sending them on a drug pickup. Ticket contains all the details you’ll need.

Open Look Up, go to “S”, go to [/b]Son, Annie[/b] and hit Arrest. Set the location to Land’s Edge on the middle left of the green province. the evidence to Ticket and click Arrest to confirm your choices. She wanted out of Blue’s organization; wish granted.

(Option 2 – Arrest Dash Ion for Illegal Software Development)

In the game art file, JavaJoe discusses developing game assets, and asks for the files to be sent to an IP address. Hack in and see what’s there.

Looks like the server belongs to Dash Ion and it’s in Land’s Edge. Download the files and read them – cr looks like someone’s been developing software…

Open Look Up, go to “I”, choose Ion, Dash and hit Arrest. Set the location to Land’s Edge on the middle left of the green province, choose cr for evidence, and hit Arrest.

TIme for Case 09.

Case File 09 – Cooped Up

1) Read you IMs, emails, download and read your case file.

2) This next step will start a drama sequence, so make sure you have a few minutes available. Once you are ready, open the Tracker app and click on Cooper’s red pin to follow him.

3) After the drama, you’ll get a few notices, read them if you life and close them

4) You’ll get a few more messages after a bit, do the same.

5) Continue reading until you realize I’m just giving a bit of buffer so you don’t realize how short this chapter is.

6) If you read this before things happened, sorry. Seriously though, just play the chapter and everything will make sense.

7) Now that is out of the way, I should bold a few words.

Great work! Next up, case 10.

Case File 10 -The Home Front

Remain Calm and Carry On, as they say.

1) Log on to your machine – use any password you like.

2) As ever, catch up on your emails. You won’t have any emails to download, but Professor Wanderer will recommend a site – smugglersove.bp. Check it out with your browser.

3) Download and install WinzillaChat (note the author), and Mainline. Now you are getting back to business. Professor Wanderer says you need three things – a) to prove MI7 was hacked, b) to prove cars hacking is possible with an expert’s opinion and c) to prove car hacking software exists.

4) After you install the software, you’l receive a torrent of IMs – read them to get up to speed. At the bottom you will be given an IP address – hack in.

5) Seems this system belongs to a Miles Monk. Download all the files.

6) Car Hack looks like the trigger for the last batch of excitement – also looks like it was written by Miles Monk. That proves car hacking software exists.

7) In Group Chat, wacko_ninja mentioned a Vile article at vile/carhack.bp. Browse there, read the article if you like, and download it. Professor Long just proved car hacking is real for you.

8) Now all that is left is proof MI7 was hacked. I got stuck here until dubesor on the forum mentioned mi7.bp. This really isn’t a good game to put down for a year >_<

9) Hack into mi7.bp and download mi7 report. Perhaps Frankie Potts would have a better career in the culinary arts? He just saved your bacon.

10) While you were doing all this, you will have received some more emails, including one from Leila Pouran titled “Have Your Say?”. Inside she gives you the address of her ftp site – leila.ccb.

11) Open the Winzilla app – red WZ icon on the bottom right – you should have downloaded it from smugglercove.bp.

Note – this step is a bit buggy and the order seems to matter – if my order below doesn’t work for you, swap the files around and try again. Also, if you get a “Wrongly Accused” headline, that is the game telling you to try a different combination.

Set the site to leila.ccb. The file interface is a bit wonky – click on Vile Article then click the first teal arrow. The arrow should turn red and the filename should appear. Continue with MI7 Report[/b[ for the second arrow and [b]Car Hack[/b[ for the third, then hit [b]Upload.

Hopefully you will get the “New Lead Found” headline and be able to proceed to Case 11.

Case File 11 – Wanderlust

1) Time to pay back the assistance. Read your IMs, and your emails.One the IMs stop, Professor Wanderer will as you to follow them.

2) This will trigger another drama sequence, so once you have a few minutes, open the Tracker app and click the orange pin to start tracking the car.

3) Professor Wanderer’s panic-typing is a bit messy, but hack into kingsuniversity.bp.and download test server.

4) Open the file – it contains the names of the 4 cars as well as the IP address of the control server – hack into that.

5) This server doesn’t follow the same standards as the other ones, so type help to get a list of options.

6) Of particular interest is the kill command. Use this with each of the car names listed in the Test Server file and end the menace. Hopefully they can make it the rest of the way safely…

Off to Case 12.

Case File 12 – Rendering Aid

1) More IMs and Emails – you should get an email soon from Professor Wanderer containing a new program – Rabbit Hole. This one lets you hack into a machine’s user interface through their MAC address rather than their IP.

2) Once again, Frankie’s (data) loss is your gain. Hack into mi7.bp and redownload mi7 report – it will contain the MAC address of the original attacker.

3) You should receive a number of emails – Sharp will email you the same file as well as provide you with a list of documents to secure – a) proof of the murders, b) location of the murderer, c) the murderer’s real name. Sharp also offers her FTP server sharp.mi7.

Note – the Rabbit Hole UI will automatically close if you even look at it funny, so any time you need to copy information, try to place your document at the very bottom of the screen so you can look “around” Rabbit Hole rather than having to keep opening and closing it.

3) Type the MAC address into Rabbit Hole and you’ll get onto the hacker’s machine.

4) Seems they have a copy of Rabbit Hole too – try to open it.

5) Go into their files – you can’t transfer files across Rabbit Hole, so you’ll need to read them off the hacker’s machine for now.

6) doodle doc contains MrBlue’s Skybox credentials – mrblue / opensesame

7) Return to your own machine, open Skybox and download all the files. In Ren Info, the hacker was kind enough to figure out wacko_ninja’s real name – Qiu Ren.

8) doodle doc also contains two IP addresses – hack them both and download and read everything.

9) Open Winzilla and set the address to sharp.mi7. We can prove wacko_ninja’s real name with Ren Info. We can prove where she will be with the white wacko chat file, and we can prove the murder with Dear MI7. Hit Upload to get a killer off the streets.

Only Case 13 remains.

Case File 13 – Blue Skies

1) Open your email, and follow the IMs to come.This will trigger a timed sequence, but the time limit is very generous.

2) Open Rabbit Hole and you will see the decryption program locked by three questions – the first is Son’s Name.

3) Go back to Skybox and open Dinner. Inside a “Joshua Flowers” refers to MrBlue as “Mom”, so try joshua.

4) Next is “Name of First Pet”. In Skybox you will also find a picture of a dog labelled George, so try george.

5) Finally, “Rival Hacker?”. In doodle doc, MrBlue mentions a possible competitor at grandhunk.bp – you can chase that, but who has caused MrBlue the most trouble?

6) Remember when I suggested a short, simple username? It’s you. You are the rival. Tpe in the user name you chose.

7) Now that you have MrBlue off balance, you will get a new email from Barnes – it contains an email of your work computer along with a stickynote with the new password.

8) Connect to the hacker’s machine using Rabbit Hole then use their Rabbit Hole to connect to your work machine – you can use the password swordfish.

9) Connect your work machine’s Skybox to MrBlue’s account mrblue / opensesame and download Red Pill.

10) Open Look Up, go to the “F” tab, and look for Flowers, Joshua. If he’s not there, but there is Flowers, Fiona old enough to be his mother. Click Arrest. Set the location to her home, Central – it’s the central part of the yellow province, choose Red Pill as your evidence and finalize the Arrest.

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