MannaRites: How to Change Controls

Here is a simple tutorial for you on how to change controls for MannaRites game.


How to Change Controls in MannaRites Game?

You can change controls in game. After you start/continue a game press F4 to get to the controls menu. ^^
Edit: you can also navigate through the different menues by pressing Q or E.

Edit 2: When I installed the game, the game’s base speed was set to 110%, which made playing the warrior rather hard. I’d recommend to reduce it to 100%.

Credit to Spawnling


MannaRites Features:

  • unique fantasy setting
  • skill-based combat with special moves, throws and blocks
  • army of enemies with unique behavior and combat moves
  • story-based adventure, featuring NPCs and quests
  • fully voiced dialogues
  • open map to choose your path
  • weapons, armor and items to find, equip and use
  • skills and perks to master
  • original soundtrack

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