Marble Maid: Secret Levels Guide (How to Find)

Having toruble finding those pesky secret levels? Have no fear! this handy guide has a hint system allowing you to not get the answer right away, while still helping you lower the search range!


World 1

Hint 1: Just Before completing a level, you might want to look around!

Hint 2: If at the top of a mountain you rise, too far you have gone!

Level Location: 1-3

Exact position: Drop down where the exit is and backtrack a bit. inside the wall bellow the platform you came from reside the secret level


World 2

Hint 1: Before reaching this level, you will have to have completed at least half of the world!

Hint 2: In the dark shall reside this secret to uncover

Hint 3: Exploring the edges of the level will be the key to victory!

Hint 4: Do not worry about running out of time, as hourglasses are plenty!

Level Location: 2-6

Exact position: Go to the left and stand close to the candle light. The candlestick shall reveal a hole srounded by walls, hiding the blue glow of the secret level.


World 3

Hint 1: Pack a winter coat, this level will chill your bones!

Hint 2: Like a water temple, this level is hidden in the cold depths

Hint 3: If you reach a dark level, you have gone too far!

Hint 4: This is one level they could make a skating live action of

Level Location: 3-5

Exact position: You must go inside the water to your left when you start the level


World 4

Hint 1: This level is hidden in the later levels!

Hint 2: Look around, no darkness is there to hide your view!

Hint 3: It is right after a infuriating dark level!

Hint 4: Maybe you need a break? Jumping on a giant sofa might help you relax

Level Location: 4-8

Exact position: Jump on the Sofa recreation and look to your right, you shall see the level outside the walls of the level


World 5

Hint 1: Inside its recipient, the level lay dormant

Hint 2: The level lies in the early levels, reaching the darkness and you went too far

Hint 3: Are you asleep? wake up! you are walking around and you might fall!

Hint 4: Right next to the start, a little mountain must be climbed

Level Location: 5-5

Exact position: on your right at the level beguining, a little block hill has a hole in it. jump in and let the pain begin!


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