Marfusha: All Endings Guide

This is just a transcript of all ending texts. For anyone who wants to read through the endings again, since there is no ending viewer.


Ending 01: Bad Ending

(credit to laiyanyi880220 for telling me how to get this ending)
To get this ending you need to retry 10 or more times within the first 40 days, or be extremely bad at the game.

???: Citizen number XXXXX
You have not been able to produce the results expected of you by the nation.
From today, you have been designated a tenth-class citizen.
To encourage you to reflect, you will enter a government rehabilitation facility.
Please receive the education to become a model citizen.
That is all.

-One week later-
Article at the end of the newspaper: Multiple people have died in an accident in a rehabilitation facility on the 0th of X.
Military police have determined that no investigation is necessary, as this was the result of appropriate education and training.

Ending 02: Belka Ending

Beat the game with Belka (SMG Soldier) as your companion.

Belka: How many days has it been?1 We’re out of medical supplies!
Everyday we just get the boring messages saying “Work hard! Work hard!”
It’s not a joke! When on earth will the relief come?!
Marfusha, this is the last food. Please eat it no matter how hard it is.
Marfusha: Thank you… my wounds hurt, but I can still fight…
Belka: I’ll feel sick if you die in front of me. You mustn’t die!
Marfusha: You’re kind, aren’t you, Belka?
Belka: Don’t say gross things!
Stay alive so we can wallop the fellows who did this to us!
…! !
Enemy soldier: Ah, don’t move! I’;; guarantee your life if you don’t resist.
Belka:…who are you?
Enemy soldier: I’m a soldier from the country you hate.
It’s been a long time since you’ve seen a human soldier, hasn’t it?
In our country, although battles are fought by machine soldiers, they’re commanded by humans.
You poor things. You’ve been made to fight until you’re falling apart like this.
Just surrender. At least we’ll treat you better than you’ve been treated up to now.
Marfusha: Stupid…
Enemy soldier: Oh, was another one alive? I thought they were dead.
Ah, this one won’t make it. Machine soldier, execute.
Belka:! ! !
It’s not a joke!! I’ll shoot you.
Enemy soldier: Report on war results. One soldier was killed because of intense resistance. One more died of weakness.
We will continue dealing with pockets of resistance.
Ah, it’s a pity. They put up hopeless resistance. Although they would have made good parts.

Ending 03: Strelka Ending

Beat the game with Strelka(AdvancedSMG Soldier) as your companion.

Marfusha: I’m thirsty…
Strelka, how many days have we been under siege?
Strelka:…I don’t know.
…reinforcements didn’t come.
…I think we’ve fought plenty. I wonder if all the superior officers have escaped while we’ve been buying time.
Marfusha: Haha… that’s very honorable…
Voices from outside: This is a message to the solider under siege.
Put your weapons down and surrender.
This is the last call.
In 10 minutes, we will start an all-out attack.
Marfusha: This is the limit. Let’s surrender.
Marfusha: Why?
Reinforcements aren’t coming. they aren’t running, and our food has run out. We only have a few bullets left. We’ve done our best.
Strelka: ……
…Don’t you find it unbelievable?
…We’re living humans on the front line.
…Our enemy has machines on the front line, and only the commanders are humans.
Strelka:…Before I became a guard, I was involved in military research, so I know a bit.
…Our country has been trying to create machine soliders too.
…But with today’s technology, they couldn’t create brains that could fight autonomously.
…So the clever researchers thought of a solution.
…If they couldn’t create brains, they would take them.
Marfusha: Take them?
Strelka:…They would take them from living creatures who could understand human language and listen to commands, and install them.
Dogs can understand simple commands, but there aren’t really animals you could use in a way…
Marfusha: Ah…
Strelka:…because of the great suffering, and cuts to the research budge, the experiments stopped at “dogs” in our country.
…the researchers couldn’t stand it anymore and defected to the country next door on their invitation.
…you know what happened after that. Our country was chased down by machine soldiers right away, and the situation is what you see now.
Marfusha: That’s…
But isn’t the slogan of the enemy to put human rights and lives of thier citizens first?
Strelka:…That’s why they could never use animals from their own country,
…what about living things from the enemy country?
…That’s it.
…Shall we fight until we run out of ammunition?
…Ah, let’s leave one bullet, shall we?

Ending 04: Bion Ending

Beat the game with Bion(ARSoldier) as your companion.

b]Bion[/b]:…I’m hungry.
Marfusha: We barely have any water, food, or ammunition left.
Bion: We’ve fought hard.
When will the reinforcements comes…?
Enemy soldier: I’m sorry, but I don’t think reinforcements will come to you.
Marfusha: An enemy soldier?
Enemy soldier: It must be a long time since you’ve seen a human soldier.
In our country, battles are fought by machine soldier, but humans are the commanders.
All the soldiers under siege in the other dormitories have surrendered.
You poor things, you’ve continues to fight without realizing that you’ve been made into sacrificial pawns by your country,
Bion: Hey… reinforcements are supposed to come…!
Enemy soldier:Reinforcements? Everyone with a higher status than you has escaped while you’ve been fighting.
Your country is horrible, isn’t it? It’s still making humans fight as soldiers until this very day.
Our country is a good country that values our own citizens’ lives.
Human soldiers command machine soliders and send them to battle.
If you become a prisoner of war, you’ll definitely have a happier life than you do now.
Bion: Will there be three meals a day?
Enemy soldier: Of course.
Bion: I’ll become a prisoner of war!
Ms. Marfusha, that’s great!
We’re finally being rewarded.
Sound of transceiver:-scratch-
Enemy soldier:Yes, we have secured two people.
They are weak, but will be usable as parts without trouble.
Marfusha: Parts?
Enemy soldier: Don’t worry about that?
Well, shall we go? We are a very good country that values our own citizens.

Ending 05: Alibina Ending

Beat the game with Alibina(AdvancedAR Soldier) as your companion.

Alibina: Ow!
We’re falling apart, aren’t we?
I wonder when I was last able to take a shower.
Marfusha: I don’t remember. And reinforcements aren’t coming either. This is bad…
I have no more bullets… Alibine, this is the last magazine.
Alibina: Hmm, Alibina is hungry! I wonder if there’s any part of the remains of a machine solider we can eat?
Look at this liquid that’s spilled everywhere? Although it smells like iron,
it has a color like juice. Doesnt is seem like we could lick it up?
Marfusha: You’ll get an upset stomach, stop it…
Wait, Alibina. Your hair…
Alibina: Hey…
Ah! The crayfish-colored hair I’, proud of – !
Marfusha: Crayfish…? That’s not your natural hair, is it?
Alibina: Crayfish are great, they’re red! And delicious…
Enemy soldier: Ah- don’t move. If you don’t resist, I’ll guarantee your life.
Marfusha:…! ! A human enemy soldier?!
Enemy soldier: You’ve only been facing machine soldier, so it must be a long time since you’ve seen a human soldier.
You are surrounded. Will you surrender like this?
Hey…? You, that hair color…
You’re from our country, aren’t you?
Why are you wearing an enemy soldier’s uniform…?
And why are you here?
Um… help! I’ve been captured.
Enemy soldier: Are you saying you’re a prisoner of war?
Alibina: I am Alibina from the 8th regiment. If you contact headquarters, they will know!
Enemy soldier: I haven’t heard this information, ♥♥♥♥, this is troublesome…
Headquarters, over here…

Alibina:…Fusha-chan, run away!
Marfusha:…Eh?(I don’t know why that is a link, ignore it) That was acting?
Alibina: What do you think? That was star acting, wasn’t it? I’m cute too, so I would make a good actress, wouldn’t I?
Marfusha: What was that about just now…?
Alibina: I’ll talk about that later! Run away!
Enemy soldier: You’ve only been shooting machines and don’t have enough experience shooting humans, do you…?
When you shoot people!
You need to finish them off!
Like this!
♥♥♥♥, that hurts… chestnut hair! Don’t fight back!
Marfusha: That…

Enemy soldier: Report. I met with resistance and was injured, but only lightly.
I captured one soldier as a prisoner of war. I will clear out the remaining pockets of resistance.

Ending 06: Enos Ending

Beat the game with Enos(LMG Soldier) as your companion)

Marfusha: How many days has it been…?
We were told that reinforcements would come, and we believed it, so we’ve continued to resist.
I get it now. We low-class people were used to buy time so our allies could escape.
Enos… I’m sorry.
Enos: Marfusha, it’s not your fault.
I thought it would be okay if we just worked as hard as we could.
I wanted to ear a lot, and make my family happy, and be praised.
But I was wrong. Even if we work hard, we can’t earn anything. We won’t be rewarded. We’ll just be thrown away.
We should have run away earlier. Anywhere.
is seen as more necessary.
…Maybe we really weren’t excellent.
If we ere excellend enought to be recognized from the top, maybe things would have turned out differently.
Marfusha: …
We did our best…
Enemy soldier: Report. I have captured two soldiers who were resisting in the dormitory as prisoners of war.
I will continue clearing out resistance together with the machine soldiers

Ending 07: Felicette Ending

Beat the game with Felicette(AdvancedSR Soldier) as your companion.

Felicette: Good morning, sis.
I’m so thirsty. How many days has the siege been going on?
Marfusha: I don’t remember… sorry, the water I gave you yesterday was the last.
Felicette: That’s… if I had known it was the last, I would have shared it with you and drunk it together.
Sis is kind.
You’re the only one who hasn’t treated me as a nuisance and has been this nice to me.
Marfusha:…I’m just soft-hearted.
I can’t leave you to die like this, sis.
Please excape yourself.
Marfusha: How? The dormitory is completely surrounded.
Felicette: Do not worry, I have an idea.
Our enemy’s attacks are done by machine soldiers, but they seem to be commanded by a few humans.
Because we’ve been under siege for so long without striking back, they’re getting careless and showing their faces.
(the previous line repeated which i think is a bug, but probably said she would snipe the commanders)
Please escape during the chaos.
Marfusha: O get it. But Felicette, what will you do?
Felicette: I’ll come right after you, sis.
-the next day-
Felicette: 3…2…1…
That’s it! Run!
Marfusha: Ooh!
(This is great! We were completely surrounded but now there are no enemies at all in our path!)
(Great! Run away like this…!)
! !
The enemy…!
There was only a bit left…!
Covering fire?! But aren’t we running away!…!
Felicette: It’s my turn to help you, sis.
I’ll keep providing reinforcement until you make it…!

Enemy soldier: Report on war results. One soldier was killed because of the intense resistance. One escaping soldier was captured. They will be put to use as “parts”.
You did pretty well. After all, there were two soldiers.
Just being a bit good doesn’t get anywhere.

Ending 08: Laica Ending

Beat the game with Laica(AdvancedSG Soldier) as your companion.

(The first line was in Japanese but I used google translate on it.)
Telegram from Laica: Headquarters! The dormitories of the gate soldiers is being attacked! Support!
Telegram from HQ: Reinforcements will be sent in order. Please resist to the bitter end.
Telegram from Laica: The dormitory is surrounded and we are unable to move! Please send reinforcements!
Telegram from HQ: Reinforcements will be sent in order. Please resist to the bitter end.
Telegram from Laica: Reinforcements will be sent in order. Please resist to the bitter end.
Telegram from HQ: Reinforcements will be sent in order. Please resist to the bitter end.
(I have a feeling this was a bug)
Laica: Why aren’t reinforcements coming…?
Have we really been abandoned?
No way, no way, no way
Marfusha: Laica! Pull yourself together!
Laica: We’ve worked so hard until now to be recognized!
We’ve put up with so many outrageous and painful things!
And this is the result…?!

……It’s not a joke!!
Marfusha! Gather up all the ammunition that’s left!
We’ll gather up our comrades under siege in the other dormitories and escape with a one-point breakthrough!
Marfusha: Attack…!
Laica: A lot of them…!
Marfusha: Ooh…!
Laica: Marfusha…!
Enemy soldier: Machine soldier, stop the attack.
You two other there. Don’t move. If you don’t resist, I won’t kill you.
Laica:! !
A human…soldier?
Enemy soldier: It must be a long time since you’ve seen a human soldier.
In our country, battles are fought by machine soldiers, but humans are the commanders.
It’s tough that your country is still fighting battles with human power.
All the soldiers in the other dormitories have surrendered and become prisoners of war.
You are the last ones resisting.
You can either die here or become a prisoner of war.
Laica: Oh…

Laica: Marusha, are you okay?
Marfusha: I’m okay. It hurts, but I won’t die.
Enemy soldier: Don’t stop. Machine soldier, take those two with you.
Laica: Ow! I’ll walk without you poking me!
Marfusha:Laica, did you say something
Laica: What? I said I’ll walk without you poking me…
Marfusha: No, not that.
Marfusha: That’s not Laica? That’s….
Marfusha: The machine soldier is talking…?
Laica: Hmm, they must have had lot’s of leeway if they could even add a talking function…
Machine solider: …Sorry.

…Ms Marfusha. (ummm anyone else think this is Bion?)
Marfusha: Hey…
It just… my name…
Enemy soldier: I said don’t stop! Keep walking!

Enemy soldier: Report on war results. I captured two soldiers who resisted until the end as prisoners of war.
Yes, they seem excellent. Both will make good “parts”.

Ending 09: Solo Ending

Beat the game without hiring a companion.

How long is it that we’ve been under siege?
The dormitory is surrounded and I can’t escape.
No matter how many times I’ve called, reinforcements don’t come.
I’m sleepy… I don’t know when I’ll be attacked, so I can’t sleep…
If there were at least one more person…
I feel like I could die from not enough sleep…
! !
There are lots of them today again! !
Lots of them…!
I can’t reload in time…!
My hand was shot…!
Enemy soldier: Machine soldier, stop the attack.
Wow, you’re scary.
To fight so well while under siege alone.
You’re great, aren’t you?
Marfusha: A h-human… soldier?
Enemy soldier: It’s been a long time since you’ve seen a human soldier, hasn’t it?
Our country is humane and very kind to its own citizens.
Our battles are mostly fought by machine soldiers.
Humans only command them from a safe locations.
Your country is horrible, isn’t it? It’s making humans fight directly.
That’s really horrible! But you don’t need to worry.
In light of your effort, we’ll treat you hospitably as a prisoner.
We guarantee you a new, satisfying life.
Machine soldier, take her with you.
Marfusha: ♥♥♥♥(Steam censors the S word)…

Enemy soldier: I’ve managed to obtain good parts.
Because our country is truly kind to its own citizens.

Ending 10: Good Ending

Beat the game without the gate going below half health in days 1-40, then no retries from days 40-80. Though honestly I wouldn’t risk getting a retry or half gate health from days 40-100. It doesn’t matter if you have a companion or which companion you have, but I suggest Felicette.

Marfusha: Ooh…!
The reinforcements still aren’t here?! We’re running out of ammunition…!
Allied soldier: Don’t shoot! I’ve come as reinforcements!
Marfusha:! !
Allied soldier: You’re Marfusha, aren’t you?
Come. escape!

Marfusha: Thank you, I was in a dangerous spot.
Allied soldier: No need to thank me, I’m glas I made it in time.
The fact that you survived that situation shows you’re just like your reputation.
You’re excellent and shouldn’t be thrown away.
Marfusha: Thrown away…?
Oh, what about the other comrades in the dormitory…?
???: We only have intructions to save you from the dormitory.
Marfusha: What…?!
The Supreme Leader?!
Why?! There are still many of them there. They can be saved.
Supreme Leader: There’s no need. Incompetent people can be replaces as often as we need.
we’ll use them to buy time to get our army back on its feet.
This attack has pushed the front line even further back.
The war is still ongoing.
Come, there’s another task for you.
Marfusha: Incompetent…?
Yes, judged by your values, some of them may be of low ability.
But it’s because I was helped by them over and over again that I was able to survive to this day.
There’s no way I could have survived to today by myself!
Thank you for helping me.
But with thoughts like yours, this country will be destroyed for sure.
Supreme Leader: That opinion should get you sent to a rehabilitation facility.
But I have a soft spot for excellent people. Just this time, I’ll tolerate rudeness.
Go home and rest until your injuries heal.
Your sister’s waiting for you at home, isn’t she?

(scene of Marfusha reuniting with and hugging her sister, it is cute)
Supreme Leader: You were an unexpected lucky find from a makeshift guard unit.
I will establish a new special unit, Molten Iton, under my direct control.
I’m looking forward to your activity on the next battlefield.

Thanks to TEHbestNOOB for his great endings guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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