Mass Effect™ Legendary Edition: How to Change FOV in ME1 (Cheat Engine)

Mass Effect™ Legendary Edition is finally released on Steam as we expect. if you are playing the new game and want to change FOV in-game, here is a simple tutorial on how to edit FOV with Cheat Engine in Mass Effect 1.


Here are the comparison Images between the default FOV and FOV that modified:




How to Change the FOV in ME1 (Step-by-step Tutorial):

1. Download Cheat Engine[]

2. Download this Cheat Table[]

3. start the game

4. Open Cheat Engine

5. Select the Mass Effect 1 Process

6. Open the Cheat Table

7. Click to make the setting active. Double click on Value and change it to 0.01

Update 1 – Weapon Zoom FOV

1. In order to also change the Weapon Zoom FOV, make a backup of your “Coalesced_INT.bin” that is located in “Mass Effect Legendary Edition\Game\ME1\BioGame\CookedPCConsole”

2. Download this version of “Coalesced_INT.bin”[] and place it in the “CookedPCConsole” folder.

3. Use value 0.0125 in the Cheat Table above.

4. When in-game, press number pad 0.

Note: Please note that this fix also removes mouse acceleration from the game.

Coalesced Editting

If you wish to edit and compile your own “Coalesced_INT.bin”, you should use this Coalesced Tool[] and Powershell.

Credit to chiccy


That’s all we share about “How to change FOV in ME1” if this method does not work for you. please let me know.

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