Meadow – Challenges to Get More Experience

Here is a series of challenges designed to help you get more out of your Meadow experience.


#01 – Mute


Voices are forbidden



Refrain from using Left Mouse Button to talk.


Since you’ll be relying on your commands and emotes in this mode, you’ll need to consider your positioning carefully, especially if you decide to alert your companions for any reason. As such, it is advisable to stay near the head of the pack as often as you can.

Remember: Even the smaller obelisks might become inaccessible whilst you’re mute, so if you plan to break them open, make sure you’re in a pack consisting of at least two other animals.


#02 – Deaf


Sound is forbidden



Adjust the Main Volume slider so that you can no longer hear sound in-game.


You’ll be relying heavily on your sight in this mode, so keep a sharp eye on your surroundings at all times.

Be sure to utilise your sense (Middle Mouse Button) and radar (M), as well as peek names (AltGr) to help keep tabs on your companions, or you may end up getting left behind!

Remember: While deaf, you will no longer be able to hear when collectables are nearby.


#03 – Poker Face


Emotes are forbidden


Hide the emotes in your list.

Remove all emotes from your hotbar.


With your emotes disabled, your companions might struggle to understand how you’re feeling, so try to convey your emotions instead through the use of your commands and actions.

Consider using body language to aid you, for example, speaking, jumping, or nodding/shaking your head.


#04 – Subordinate


Commands are forbidden


Hide the commands in your list.

Remove all commands from your hotbar.


You’ll be relying on your voice and emotes to communicate with your companions in this mode.

Remember: Without commands at your disposal, it will become harder to lead effectively. As such, this is a good exercise in humility as you learn to cease control, and go with the flow.


#05 – Senseless


Sense, radar, and name peeking are forbidden


Refrain from using the Middle Mouse Button to sense.

Refrain from pressing M to access the radar.

Make sure “block names” is highlighted in the Gameplay settings.


With your senses disabled, you’ll need to keep a close eye (and ear) on your companions at all times.

Try to stay close to the pack so that you don’t get left behind.

Remember: Without sense at your disposal, food will be trickier to spot.


#06 – First Person


First-Person camera perspective only



Zoom your camera all the way in until you can no longer see your animal.


With your field of vision greatly limited, this challenge presents a great opportunity to hone your auditory perceptions, so listen out for those collectables!

You’ll find that your commands and emotes will obscure much of your vision in this mode. As such, you may wish to consider switching to a third-person shoulder perspective instead.

Remember: Sounds in-game are fixed to the orientation of your camera, and NOT your animal!


#07 – Waste Lots, Want Lots


Collectables are forbidden



Refrain from picking up ALL collectables.

For many of you, this will be the ultimate test in willpower!

I’ll forgive any accidental acquisitions as some of the smaller flowers and mushrooms are not always easy to spot.


#08 – Rambler


Running is forbidden


Refrain from holding Left Shift to run.

Refrain from pressing R to auto run.

Auto-forward (F) while walking is permitted.

Running or jumping in order to bypass an obstacle are permitted.

The focus of this challenge is to calm the pace down to a leisurely stroll to allow you to absorb the beautiful sights and sounds Meadow has to offer. You might even surprise yourself at just how much you miss when you run non-stop. Look high, look low. What can you find by taking it slow?


Given how a lot of players prefer to keep moving, this is perhaps a challenge best played solo, or with other like-minded friends.


#09 – Climber

Most of you are no doubt aware that the Center Tree is climbable, but did you know that there are other trees in Meadow that can also be climbed?

To clarify: A tree is considered climbable if you can ascend one to its branches and perch on them without falling or sliding off.


Some trees are harder to climb than others and may require some patience, effort, and a little abstract thought to navigate them successfully.

Good places to look for climbable trees are the right-hand slope leading up to the hilltop, and the winterwood opposite Waterfall Cave.


#10 – Keepie-Uppie


Don’t let the puffball touch the ground



Locate a detached puffball.

Jump on the puffball to launch it into the air.


Tilt your camera so that you’re looking up at the ball while it’s in the air.

To catch the ball before it lands, try to position yourself directly beneath it, then perform a well-timed jump to knock it back into the air.


How long can you keep the puffball in the air before it hits the ground?


Meadow has released on Oct 26, 2016 on Steam. This guide was written by Whisper


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