Medieval Dynasty: How to Enable Freecam

Simple guide to enable a few basic “cheats” like freecam, change FOV, and enable console to adjust specific post processing effects like Anti-Aliasing, Bloom, SSR, etc.


Downloading UUU
First things first, lets install Universal Unreal Engine 4 Unlocker (UUU).

Download the utility: Currently v3.0.11 as of the creation of this guide[]

Now you can either follow the guide in the link or continue here.

Extract the downloaded ZIP into a new folder anywhere you like.

Preparing UUU
Now lets use it!

Open UUUClient.exe:

Start Medieval Dynasty.

Tab back to UUU and click “Select…” and choose the games process and click Select again:

Now click on the purple “Inject DLL” button:

Done! You will see a few notifications pop up and disappear quickly ingame saying it was successful and what is available to the utility.

This will need to be done every time you start Medieval Dynasty if you want to use it.

Using UUU
We now have access to some basic Unreal Engine cheats!

On the Configuration tab we have multiple sliders for freecam movement speeds as well as an FoV adjustment speed and console hotkey.

You can also change all of the keybinds! Default keybinds:

I haven’t tested all of the console(~) commands, but you can find some really useful ones here:

Have Fun!
That’s it! Now you can fly around taking screenshots of your villages!

I suggest increasing the camera speed in the Configuration tab as it’s quite slow by default.

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