Medieval Dynasty: How to Fix Download Issues (FAQ)

Here is a simple guide on how to fix the download issues, we will add the FAQs below the guide.

Go to steam settings> download > change download region to US new york
steam will restart > login and go play the game.

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Medieval Dynasty FAQs

1) What is simulated in the world? How big is the world?
There will be interesting places to explore, e.g. forests, hills, lakes and caves. We don’t have a map yet, but the world will be large, very diverse and vibrant. The game starts in year 1000 AD and it takes place in Central Europe. Time and location influence the characters, animals, vegetation, etc.

2) Is there character customization?
We want to add some character customization (face, hairstyle, hair color, maybe some skin tone for our first character), but this feature is not a priority because players can’t customize
their heir’s look.

3) Has the game survival elements?
Yes, it has. The player can collect different resources, e.g. pick mushrooms and berries, but also search for raw materials, go hunting and fishing and get engaged into crop cultivation on your farm.
The player needs to make sure that his character is not hungry and feels rested. Furthermore he needs to provide enough food and wood for the community to move safely to the next season. If players won’t provide enough of those resources, there will be some penalty (lowered morale of all the inhabitants or maybe some other things).

4) How does construction work? Are there prebuilt houses/castles or can you construct your own?
Players can build houses for their character, family and for other inhabitants (NPCs). There are few different schemes for house shapes, but players can decide (not implemented yet, but planned) where to place window, doors or solid wall and what kind of material it should be built of (wattle, logs, rocks) or what type of roof (thatch or wood). There are also special buildings that the players can build and upgrade like granary, woodshed, hunting lodge, pigsty, cowshed or smithy in which the NPCs can also work.

5) How interactive is the world?
Building, crafting, animal husbandry, hunting and many more activities – just to name a few. You can also interact with NPCs which give you quests or you can just talk to, and there will be random challenges each season and events which can affect the current state of the player’s village.

6) Is there crafting, gathering?
Yes, of course! The player’s character can collect different resources, e.g. mushrooms, berries or crops, and he will be able to produce various objects, e.g. such as tools, weapons and traps. Over time there will be more options to craft stuff.

7) Are there any fantasy elements?
There will be no fantasy elements. We want the game world to be more realistic as well as the struggle in the medieval ages. It takes hard work to take care of your own community, survive and raise your own dynasty. Magic is great, but in “Medieval Dynasty” we want to keep it more real and authentic.

8) Is the game endless?
After the player has accomplished the main goal of the game (developing his village with satisified residents and earning a high reputation), the ruler grants him city rights. The player will start playing in the year 1000AD and the game will be open end.

9) Will there be castles and their lords that we will serve?
The character is quite independent. After some time, when the village has already built all special buildings and it as well as the dynasty’s reputation has evolved, he can send his character to the ruler to request city rights. Only he can grant him city rights.

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