Medieval Dynasty: Knowledge Guide

DISCLAIMER(Patch v0.1.0.9):
EA = Early Access game.
This information can be changed at anytime, by developer in the game.
Use this as your reference if that’s the case.


* Always save before building, upgrade, and destroy building.
* Destroy function can be use for all things.
* Always save before taking any quest, including main quest.
* Anything that you build, even not finish then destroy it, you will tax at the end.
So, plan a head or save, then reload.
* Upgrading House Tier 1, 2, 3 is not the same as upgrading material.
Roof: Thatch (low quality), Wooden (middle quality), Wooden tile (highest quality).
Wall & door: From Wattle (low quality), wooden (middle quality), & Stone (highest quality).
The better the quality of material, the higher their mood increased. Especially during winter.
* Away around not to lose their mood, is by build the new house, move the occupant, then destroy the old house.
* Check their mood not to fall below 50% or in red.
Mood % depends on at what point your gameplay at when they reduce/increase relative.
* All or most dangerous animal will not spawn during winter.

* The highest recruitable NPC skill level so far is 7.
* Save the game before talking to them, if you get a negative respond, then you can reload the game & try again.
It’s the same when you want to flirt to increase your affection 0%.
* Their affection/chance to recruit them will be decrease over time, if you don’t keep talking to them right away until they had enough with you.
Then continue the next morning/ASAP, keep trying until you successful.

* How to flirt/marry?
1. Visit a town.
1. Save your game. Save every successful attempt.
2. Talk to her (any female), pick “I want to tell you something, beautiful lady.”
3. If failed (if you get +0 or -0), reload and try again.
4. Save every successful attempt.
5. If the “Marry me. (Chance: 0)”, above 0, more than at least 80 (depending how many times you try to woo her).
You can always reload, if she reject you.

* Marrying villagers have a family member may bring their family with them.
* Marrying recruitable/worker for your villager only bring her self.

* How to make baby? (I’m not marry yet, so this info from game tips only)
Ask her, once she is pregnant, do not let her work.
Her job is to look after the baby.

* How to recruit for your own villager/worker?
1. Visit a town, then hold “Left Alt” to see an NPC with skills that different than anyone else.
2. Save your game. Save every successful attempt.
3. Talk to he/she, pick “Hey do you have a minute?”, then pick one of the option.
4. If failed (if you get +0 or -0), reload and try again.

* If you being chased by a wolf (have not test this with other animal), you can drop meat to run away or buy time.
* Wolf/animal can go inside any house/building.

– Tier 1, Simple Small House: 2 Adults & 1 Child.
– Tier 2, Simple House: 2 Adults & 2 Child, increase mood.
– Tier 3, House: 2 Adults & 2 Child, increase mood. (Not yet build/unlock)
* From the moment workers wake up in the morning, they already make the resource (even at idle, in the map/otherwise & when you are near them).
* If the Resource Storage box full (including if you fill them up), they will be stored in their respected storage box.

* How to upgrade House walls?
Equip hammer, right mouse click, Scroll to “Upgrade”.
You need Daub, it’s unlock from Technology when Goose House is available, then you can purchased it.

* How to repair buildings?
Equip hammer, right mouse click, Scroll to “Upgrade”.
It can only be repair after 50%/less or when it turns red.

– Resource Storage is shared with everyone, store a lot of Firewood here to keep their mood higher.
– Food Storage is shared with everyone, worker only eat food at the first top food available,
make sure to have food to keep their mood higher.

* How to destroy Resource Storage & Food Storage, even for upgrade?
* Try to remove all worker from assignment. DO NOT do it at night where everyone sleep, they need Firewood, otherwise their mood goes down drastically
1. Empty all the content from the box (including Gold), dump/store them somewhere for easy pick up.
2. Equip hammer, then right mouse click, Scroll to “Destroy” it turns red. This function can be use for all.
3. If 1 & 2 options not working, away around is to build higher tier Resource/Food Storage, then transfer the content, then destroy the old building.
Check if their mood change or not.

– WoodShed:
Build WoodShed near the forest trees.
Produced stored to Resource Storage box.

– Excavation Shed:
Build Excavation Shed near clay deposit.
Produced stored to Resource Storage box.

– Mine: (Not yet build/unlock)
Build Mine near mine deposit (cave) to produce Rock, Iron & Salt.
Produced stored to Resource Storage box.

Cave location:
* Northen cave (above Branica & Baranica, in between) does not have any bear guarding the main entrance.
* Cave above Hornica (North East of the town, middle of rocky mountain, between 2 stream). Guarded by 1 or 2 bears at the main entrance.
* Cave West of Hornica does not have any bear guarding the main entrance.
(See the lake? Follow the bottom right stream).
* Cave below Lesnica (follow the southern road then turn right, then left to the cave) or North East of Jezerica.
Guarded by 1 bear at the main entrance.

– Hunting Lodge:
Hunter produced Meat, Feather & Leather will go to Hunting Lodge box.
Gatherer produced Berry, & Mushroom will go to Hunting Lodge box.
– Fishing Hut: (mechanic not implement)
Fisherman produced fish (so far to get fish is by using fish net).
Only 1 NPC sell them in one of the town, maybe depends on the season.
I will list NPC shop item list later on, not in any order of seasons.

– Barn:
Farmer produced Seeds to store in the Barn box.
* Stored seeds to be use by Field Worker (if you have 3×3 times 8 side by side, they will work according your assignment in the field section for each seasons).
Field Worker who farm in the field will store it in the Barn box.
* DO NOT HELP the Field Worker at all. It will brake the AI.
If you do break it, finish what do you then re-assign the worker.

* How to permanently destroy tree stump?
Draw a field, then destroy it (Yes, you will be tax for this).

* To feed animals, just put Animal Feed in the bag or assign worker to it and change it’s rotation if you have only one worker after a minute or so just in case.
– Henhouse worker produced Eggs stored in Henhouse Bag (you can also collect all from the Henhouse).
– Pigsty worker produced Manure stored in Resource Storage box.

– Workshop/Smithy:
Produced goes to Resource Storage box.
– Sewing:
Produce goes to Resource Storage box.
– Tavern:
Produced stored in Food Storage box.

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