Medieval Dynasty: How to Enable Freecam

Simple guide to enable a few basic “cheats” like freecam, change FOV, and enable console to adjust specific post processing effects like Anti-Aliasing, Bloom, SSR, etc.   Downloading UUU First things first, lets install Universal Unreal Engine 4 Unlocker (UUU). Download the utility: Currently v3.0.11 as of the creation of this guide[] Now you can either […]

Medieval Dynasty: How to add Dynasty Rep

How to edit your save file to add dynasty reputation.   How to add Dynasty Rep How to edit your save file to add dynasty reputation. For when quests get retroactively more dynasty reputation in new patches after you complete them, or just to advance things for yourself, or any reason, it’s a single player […]

Medieval Dynasty: Resource Management Hint

Just a simple and playful hint to manage your storage.   Managing your resources… Specially in the beginning of your village, resources are gold but storage are scarce. How may you keep and store everything that is useful? Have in mind that NPC workers stop to produce whenever your storage chest capacity reach maximum weight. […]

Medieval Dynasty: NPC Sell Item Lists

** Information below here is just typed exactly as in the game. If there’s miss typo or description, refer to developer. Find the wrong by Ctrl+F: # Check yourself first to see if developer have fix them or not, in the game. * Town: Denica Dagobert: – Animal Feed Durability: 100/100 Single Weight: 0.25kg Crafting […]

Medieval Dynasty: Knowledge Guide

DISCLAIMER(Patch v0.1.0.9): EA = Early Access game. This information can be changed at anytime, by developer in the game. Use this as your reference if that’s the case.   Tips: * Always save before building, upgrade, and destroy building. * Destroy function can be use for all things. * Always save before taking any quest, […]