Melancholy Love: All Endings and Achievements Guide

This guide should help you obtain all the CGs, endings, and achievements for Melancholy Love.


(Ok, I just want to put it out there first. I am aware that there is another guide. However, I made this walkthrough back when I was testing, figuring it might be a good idea to take notes and help anyone with making the right choices for endings, saving time, etc.)

Melancholy Love is a visual novel developed by White Dew Games and published by Kikai Digital. It narrates the romantic drama between Mianxue, a student labeled a delinquent, and Qianxun, a class monitor and the all-around perfect student. There are a total of 3 endings depending on the choices made, and this guide should help in obtaining all of them. At the time of posting this walkthrough, it doesn’t include the Steam achievements obtained since, at the time I beta tested this visual novel, achievements weren’t available. However, by following this walkthrough, you should be able to obtain all the achievements, and I’ll update it as I obtain the achievements myself.

• Start a new game.
• Hold it in
• Get Straight to the Point
• Be tactful
• Answer her
• Help her
• Throw a fit
• I’ll just have to erase you
• Save 1
• Do you feel disgusted?
• Muddle through
• Counterattack
• Save 2
• Refuse to back down

Ending 1 – The Fox and the Bunny

• Load Save 2
• Reluctantly agree

Ending 2 – Forget-me-not

• Load Save 1
• Have you also fallen in love with the same sex?
• Tell her the truth
• Tease her
• Reluctantly agree

Ending 3 – All Coming Back to Me

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