METAL GEAR SOLID V THE PHANTOM PAIN: How to Finish Mission 16 Traitors’ Caravan Easily with S Rank

I’ll be showing the easiest way to finish Mission 16 with S rank. This is a beginner friendly guide so you don’t need high end equipment to finish the mission



This is the 16th mission in the game, we are supposed to extract a truck in an airport but we encounter a surprise. Some players have suffered a lot inorder to finish this mission and if you’re struggling too, this guide will help you not only finish the mission but also get an S rank.

This guide is beginner friendly.Lets get started with the guide and help you finish the mission


We are going to need the following items for this mission:

– Fulton Cargo 2 Grade 3/ Wormhole (Rescue Transportation Specialist from mission 10 if you don’t have it yet)

– Sneaking Suit (recommended)

– A lethal weapon (anything that does damage is enough)

– Reflex mode on (recommended)

– D-Horse (must)

I’ve used the following basic loadout for the mission, feel free to choose anything you want but make sure you meet the requirements above

Deployment and Target Location

Drop at the nearest location to the airport and mark the spot A (red circled) as shown in the image

Strategy (Infiltration and Extraction)

Once you approach the mark A, get off your D-Horse and head to the other side of the airport.

Once you go to the other side, you’ll see a gate. That’s your entry into the airport. Climb it.

Once you enter the airport by climbing the gate, wait here, switch to your lethal weapon and try to get as close as possible to the truck.

A cutscene starts once you approach the truck, you can skip it if you want. Once the cutscene is done, quickly fulton the truck. Don’t even waste a second.

Once you’re done with fultoning the truck, the skulls notice you and you enter reflex mode. Now pull out your lethal weapon and shoot the skulls close to the truck, inorder to prevent them from destroying the balloon. Once the truck gets extracted successfully, run like a rabbit.

Strategy (Escape)

Once the truck gets extracted successfully, just keep running away towards the opening right side of the truck.

Keep running, call your D-Horse and ride on it. Don’t stop anywhere.

Our plan is to leave the hot zone. Once you reach the hotzone, the mission gets completed and skulls vanish.

You’ll get chased by the skulls until you leave the hot zone. They do attack you using guns but you are pretty much safe from other attacks as long as you are running away using the horse. Dying to these skulls isn’t possible unless you let them kill you.

Once you exit the hotzone, the mission gets finished now enjoy your S rank


There we go! Easy S rank


– Try not to alert anybody in the airport

– If you don’t fulton the truck at the right time and distract the skulls with gunfire, you’ll end up like this:

If you see this circled thing while you;re running away from the skulls, it means that the skulls destroyed the balloon and the truck wasn’t extracted. If this happens to you, just restart at checkpoint.

– Don’t worry too much about Skulls. They can’t kill you in one shot in this mission so utilise reflex mode and make sure that the truck gets extracted, then run away from the airport.

Thanks to Pain for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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