Metal Mind: Tips and Tricks for New Players

Just some stuff to hopefully help new players out.


Tips (and/or tricks)

Heat Managment

One of the most important things in this game is managing the heat of your weaponry.
At the bottom of the screen, you will see a bar. This is your heat bar. If it gets too high, you’ll start taking damage. (which is bad)

Right clicking will start venting heat rapidly, and you can keep on firing during this time. However, when overheating, you cannot vent your heat.
Each one of your weapons has it’s own heat bar, and you can switch between them with R.
Almost all of the weapon’s projectile changes when overheating, so keep an eye on the projectiles.
If you stay overheated for too long, your weapon will forcibly shut down (which is bad, gotta keep pumping out that dps) and the bar will drain.

Fast Travel

You can fast travel in this game. This took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out, but if you press tab you can teleport to the armory at any time to change out your stuff.

Keep on moving!

Standing still = Death. Also make sure to use your actuator ability (spacebar) often, as that is most likely mobility related.


There are 5 equipment slots in this game: Weapon A, Weapon B, Head, Core, and Actuator. The head dictates your armor, health, and head ability, the actuators dictate your actuator ability and your weight load, the core dictates your max power and power regeneration (power is consumed by your actuator ability) and the weapons are… weapons.

You can repair your armor at any time with the cubes at an armory.

Permanent Upgrades

During your runs, you can collect these red H credits. These credits can be given to the 2 people at the spawn hub to unlock items, and can also be spent to unlock new modules at the repair bay.

Thanks to placeholder for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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