Metamorphos: 100% Achievement Guide

The guide will help you to get all achievements in the Metamorphos.


Instead of introducing

A clone of Dark Souls, but that’s not a bad thing. Instead of bonfires, fountains that restore hilki (we have our own estus here) and resurrect enemies), the stylistics of the East reminds of the Prince of Persia. But at the same time, you cannot parry in the game, and instead of somersault, we have a dash that spends stamina. There are two types of attacks. Saber attack and ax attack. It’s not hard to guess that hitting with an ax requires more stamina 🙂 The gameplay hasn’t changed. The fountain is our preservation, and the enemies are our headache) 

General information

Number of achievements-8
Of these, difficult to obtain-1
Buggy achievements – no
The time for obtaining all achievements is 2 hours
User statistics:

Awakening achievement

Explanation of achievement: Answer the oasis’ call. To get this achievement start the game.

Shaped Glass achievement

Explanation of the achievement: Die by fire. Among the enemies are the so-called fire-shooting magicians. It’s not hard to guess that to get this achievement you need the ‘magician’ to kill you. Yes, it’s stupid, but what can you do 🙂

Nihilistic achievement

Explanation of the achievement: Destroy your past self. Your glass copy remains in the place where you died. This statue must be destroyed to obtain this achievement. Destroying other glass statues will not grant the achievement.

Shark Slayer achievement

Achievement explanation: Defeat the Silver Sandshark. Why is her name a shark? Because of the characteristic fin) To get this achievement, defeat this shark. Located in a location with 3 regular sandsharks.

Pot Breaker achievement

Achievement explanation: Destroy 20 pots. Break 20 pots to get this achievement. Remember how many you broke or just break) After the death progress is not reset.

Power Rising achievement

Achievement explanation: Kill 3 enemies with 1 heavy attack. A very hard achievement. It is necessary to collect three enemies together and simultaneously slam them with one blow of the ax (RT on the gamepad). Pay attention to groups of 3-4 instruments, fly into such a heap and press rt. Better without the ‘magicians’ – only swordsmen. You get tired of dodging, but we need stamina for a heavy hit 🙂

Anshara, the Corrupted achievement

Achievement explanation: Defeat Anshara, the Corrupted. To obtain this achievement, we must defeating the first boss, Anshara (a huge orange scorpion). I can give advice, it is better to apply the following tactics. Forget about the light attack, we make one blow with the ax (RT on the gamepad) and retreat, restore the stamina, repeat. And so on to the victory 🙂

Nafaset, the Defiler achievement

Achievement explanation: Defeat Nafacet, the defiler. To achieve this achievement, we must defeating the second final boss – Nafacet (a huge bull-human creature). I can give advice, it is better to apply the following tactics. In the first phase, use a light attack and guidance at the boss avoiding his jabs and in no case break the distance, after he falls, we continue to beat him 🙂 After that, he will get angry and set fire to the floor and at the same time your ass , we remove the guidance on the boss and run away from him, the main thing is not to strike more than one blow) Repeat until victory 🙂

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