Middle-earth™: Shadow of Mordor™ – How to Kill Zugor Beast Butcher Very Easily

If you started to play the Lord of the Hunt DLC then you definitely have come across Zugor Beast Butcher , which is by far one of the toughest orcs you come across and have to kill. In This guide you learn to kill him fast and effectively.



He is invulnerable to stealth , ranged , combat finishers , and is a vault breaker and does not take any damage from flurry attacks , shoots three arrows successively (like Burst effect on guns) which have explosives that explode on impact , and do significant damage , and he recovers from stuns and other effects pretty quickly.
the only things you can use against him are : explosions , fire , and wraith stun.
I personally tried using wraith stun and attack him from behind right twice after he comes out of stun method , it is effective but it takes time and you have to be very good at using this , if he lands his attacks twice (three successive blows each time), you die.
So I Suggest you use this method instead which helps you kill him in under 15 seconds from the first strike You Land on Him.
(Credit goes to the guy who wrote this post which made me try it (MrStarkiller) : https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/739521-middle-earth-shadow-of-mordor/70317453?page=9)

You have to have bought the Flame of Azkar.

Killing Him not so Softly!

First try to stealth kill or stealth brand most of the enemies in the camp. specially archers.
then go to the position i am on the map, where there are usually a couple of archers.
the yellow dagger is where Zugor will come and you start shooting him.
you can ignore the next part and go straight to using Flame of Azkar if you wish , it only takes a couple of more shots if you Don’t do this next step.
there is a stack of Grog barrels underneath where Zugor is , try the wraith distraction to get Zugor to that ledge so you can ignite that stack of barrels. as soon as he is investigating the distraction , shoot the stack of barrels and wait one or two seconds so Zugor is set on fire , be vigilant as you have to be quick and he has to be on the ledge when you do this.
Now with Flame of Azkar available and charged , press the required button (the key “2” while holding down the right button of the mouse on PC) to activate it , then use fire arrows (the Left CTRL button on PC) in succession to ignite Zugor until he is dead. you have to shoot him with fire arrows constantly as you have only 15 seconds of unlimited arrows available.
As you can see it took me 12 Fire Arrows to take him down in addition to the damage of the stack of Grog barrels i detonated.


He should be dead without a chance to even flinch.

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