Midnight Protocol: Reputation Guide (How to Get)

A guide to indicate where you gain different reputations in the story. Spoiler Alert!!!

Note: This guide was work in progress that was created by Skiá Psychí.


White Hat Reputation
White Hat reputation is optionally gained reputation within the game acquired through partaking in morally correct decisions at different paths.

– LEVEL 3: Mask

Grey Hat Reputation
Grey Hat reputation is gained throughout the game as it is required to progress the story. It is additionally unlocked through remaining neutral in certain situations.

– LEVEL 10: Codeforge x59

Black Hat Reputation
Black Hat reputation is gained through committing morally evil acts and acts that align with personal gain.

– LEVEL 4: Ech0

The following missions contain paths to increase your reputation with one of the 3 Hats.


– Mission Description

– The Decision

CHOICE 1: Forward evidence to police  [WHITE HAT REP +1]
CHOICE 2: Reroute funds to personal account [BLACK HAT REP +1]
CHOICE 3: Do nothing [GREY HAT REP +1]

Thanks to Skiá Psychí for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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