Migrate: Quick Start Guide

Migrate! A game dedicated to the quirkiness of birds. Here is basic information and default keybindings.


Controls – keyboard/mouse

————- ————- CONTROLS ————- ————-
interact… z
move… a / d
run… shift
jump… space
guard… s
light attack… q / left mouse
heavy attack… e / right mouse
use equipped… x / middle mouse
equip item… hover + middle click
item options…

  • hover + right click
  • left click to select menu option

move item… left click and drag to inventory/chest

  • hold f
  • move mouse / left click to select note
  • release f to commit


  • hold c to open
  • scroll mouse wheel to cycle recipes
  • press z to craft selection

self-talk (hint) w

Controls – gamepad

interact… x
move… left joystick left/right
run… hold left stick in
jump… a
guard… left joystick down
light attack… right bumper
heavy attack… left bumper
use equipped… b
equip item…

  • left/right d-pad to cycle inventory
  • x to equip item

item options…

  • left/right d-pad to cycle inventory
  • a to examine item
  • b to cancel
  • x to equip
  • y to drop item

move item…

  • up/down d-pad to switch between inventories
  • a to send to switch item to next inventory


  • hold left trigger
  • move right thumbstick/click right thumstick in to select note
  • release left thumbstick to commit


  • hold right trigger
  • right thumbstick up/down to cycle recipes
  • press x to craft selected recipe

self-talk (hint) y


If you get lost in the beginning of the game, make sure you’ve investigated the palace of Grandnest.
Migrate’s game loop is informed by the roguelike genre.

  • In general, if you die, you restart from scratch.
  • In the dungeons, when you die you start back at the beginning of the worm tunnels.
  • All your items and experience will be lost, however any wisdom previously gained will remain.
  • When reaching at least as far as you did in the previous life, a gravestone will spawn somewhere until used. This gravestone can be used to access and take from your previous inventory.
  • Your goal is Wisdom, which can be found in Icehome (city ruins in the demo), and must be returned to Grandnest.

From Grandnest, you may strike out on a migration, starting in the worm tunnels.

  • Each stage is randomly generated. Tiles, resources, and enemies will be randomly distributed.
  • The exit will be somewhere at the bottom of the room.
  • Stages are timed. The timer expiring will send the Roc’s presence after you.

After each completed room, your depth is increased by one and you stop by a checkpoint.

  • In the checkpoint, you may level up one skill with enough experience.
  • Obelisks will be lit up for skills that may be advanced.
  • Obelisks have a shopkeeper with various items. Drop items on the pudgeon to sell them.
  • The checkpoint also has a hidden, unlockable merchant that will eventually help with crafting.

After each completed level (3 stages in general), you will find the next town.

  • Towns may have quests, shortcuts, merchants, items, and secrets.
  • Once a shortcut has been built, you can travel directly from Grandnest to start in that town.

Other tips

• The game never gets any easier (or harder). Mastery of the game’s mechanics, and knowledge of the world, determine your success.
• Momentum is kept navigating levels by utilizing your airstrike. While airborne, use your light attack to perform a quick downward strike. Striking an enemy, resource, or fruit will restore some stamina and bounce you upwards.
• The path through any stage is random, but unobstructed. You should be able to reach the next checkpoint without destroying any tiles.
• Make sure you have found the important object “the black chalice” exploring grandnest. Placing an equipped item in here will ensure it always spawns in your inventory. A pickaxe (which you can find or craft) is a good starting item.

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