Minecraft Dungeons: All Bosses Lists

Here is a video guide on how to beat all Main Story Boss Fights on Default Difficulty, on Xbox One (also Nintendo Switch, PC, & Playstation 4).


This video showcases all boss fights in Minecraft Dungeons Main Story campaign on default difficulty. At the end of certain levels, bosses will appear with larger health bars for you to defeat: 

00:17 Evoker
02:51 Redstone Golem
03:14 Corrupted Cauldron
03:58 Redstone Monstrosity
05:53 Nameless One
07:39 Arch-Illager
08:33 Heart of Ender


Minecraft Dungeons tips

1. Explore away from the objective indicator to find secrets and better loot

2. Don’t shy away from a higher difficulty because it increases the loot you’ll get

3. Enchantment points can be reclaimed, so spend them freely for better gear

4.  In combat, kill Enchanters and Geomancers first

5. Do a lap of your camp after every mission to find chests with Emeralds in

6. Check the map for land beyond the boundaries, as it can often be a secret

7. Save TNT for big groups of enemies thanks to the blast radius

8. You’ll have to replay levels to find all possible loot

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