Minecraft Dungeons: Tips and Tricks for Beginner

I will show you a few tips and tricks you should know when you play this game the first time.


Use a controller
Well if you want a point & click adventure keyboard is fine cause there is no WASD movement. It`s smoother with a controller but maybe it`s just a matter of taste.

Try to use your map often
Levels are pretty complex and it`s all about exploration. So be sure your not gonna miss any path to go.

Switch between ranged and melee attacks
It`s not clever try to kill everyone just with melee or ranged attacks. You need to combine them just look at the situation. There is no class to choose.

Replay levels
There are so many gears, secrets, chests you don`t get in your first playthrough so you should replay them if you want to be really good and discover everything. Try to change the difficulty if you can for even better gear.

Take care at the recommended power level
Before you start a level you can see it. Well, it`s there for a reason so if the recommended power level is way higher than yours try to replay other levels to upgrade your gear. Otherwise, you gonna die.

Salvage Items you don`t need
Just do it you will get a bunch of emeralds. You can`t sell them anyway.

Upgrade your weapons if you can
It will raise your power level and make fights easier. So it`s worth it.

Always use your emeralds
There is no need to hoard them just use them for the vendors later at your camp and try to get better gear.

Don`t be scared to use your enchantment points
If you salvage these items later on you get them refunded so don`t save them either. You won`t lose them.

Kill “Enchanters” first
Always try to kill those illager with the purple robe first because they buff other mobs.

Thanks to Chucky for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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