Minecraft Dungeons: Captured Camp Merchant Locations

Walk-through guide of locating and rescuing all captured merchants to populate your Camp in Minecraft Dungeons. Village Merchant • Mystery Merchant • Luxury Merchant • Gift Wrapper • Blacksmith   Village Merchant – Creeper Woods Enter the Creeper Woods and release the non-merchant villager to unlock the first gate of the mission adjacent to the lake. Follow the main objective […]

Minecraft Dungeons: How to Customize Skins

Minecraft Dungeons is available now on the Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch. if you want to know how to customize skins in the Minecraft Dungeons game, you may come to the right place.   Minecraft Dungeons Custome Skins Unfortunately, you cannot customize your skins in the game. but you can change your skins when […]

Minecraft Dungeons: All Bosses Lists

Here is a video guide on how to beat all Main Story Boss Fights on Default Difficulty, on Xbox One (also Nintendo Switch, PC, & Playstation 4).    This video showcases all boss fights in Minecraft Dungeons Main Story campaign on default difficulty. At the end of certain levels, bosses will appear with larger health […]