Mini Crafty: Material and Crafting List

Mini Crafty is a new simulation game released on Steam. here is a simple guide for the material and crafting list in the game. enjoy it.



from trees

  • Log
  • Worms (need probably Shovel and Axe)

from Stones

  • gray stones: Stone
  • white stones: Gems
  • black stones: Coal


Log and Stone
you can choose from

  • Pickaxe
  • Axe
  • Shovel

Log and Gem

  • Hammer

Hammer and Coal

  • Magic matter

Magic matter and Worms

  • Egg

Egg and Magic matter

  • Magic egg

Magic egg and Tool (any but Shovel)

  • Worker egg (drop on ground to get a Worker)

2 of each Workers will start to produce Diamonds

Credit to Klausy


“Mini Crafty” is an RPG game. What will you create? The game combines Realism with Fantasy.
Craft new territories.
Combine magic and earthworms to create minions.
Arrange the world around you, from absolutely nothing.
To do this, you have a physical backpack.
And also, a flying spirit that has a couple of surprises for your enemies.

* Get ingredients.
* Create ingredients.
* Create living creatures.
* Make them work for you.
* Craft new territories.
* Kill enemies.

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