Mini DayZ 2: Starters’ Guide (Tips & Tricks)

Here are some video guides for you to start the Mini DayZ 2 game. we will add more guides for you as the game going.


MiniDayZ 2 Starting Guide (Tips & Tricks)


Mini Dayz 2: How to loot Military Base Easily


MiniDAYZ 2 Material Farming Guide

Materials are pretty important for upgrading stuff so here’s a guide on it. Loot that breaks down to gears spawn fairly often in industrial areas btw.


MiniDayZ 2 Factory Guide

Factory is a bit difficult but has a lot of important items to find like the hammer and mechanic outfit so here’s a guide and gameplay for it


MiniDayZ 2 Combat Guide

Combat is pretty important so here’s a video that I totally didn’t take parts from my other video from


Mini DAYZ 2 is an action shooter set in a zombie apocalypse where you and other survivors must explore the world, raid bases in search of supplies, build their camps, and lead their communities to survive. Players will be able to navigate through thousands of maps across 25 Raid locations in 4 different biomes. The gameplay will offer a fully upgradeable base with 31 unlockable crafting blueprints, 15 melee, and 40 range weapons.

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