MiNNaDe Counter Fight Control Guide (Gamepad & Keyboard)

“MiNNaDe Counter Fight” is a ramen cooking game based on the VR Ramen Shop Simulator “Counter Fight” that allows up to four players to enjoy local multiplayer. here is the basic control for the game.


Control guide

  • Left stick: Move
  • RB: Grab with right hand
  • LB: Grab with left hand
  • RT / Y: Right hand throw
  • LT / X: Left hand throw
  • A: Select / Jump
  • B: Cancel / Jump
  • OPTION: Pause
Keyboard and Mouse
  • WASD : Move
  • RMB : Grab with right hand
  • LMB : Grab with left hand
  • E key : Right hand throw
  • Q key : Left hand throw
  • Enter key : Select
  • Space key : Jump
  • ESC key : Pause,Cancel

By Tricol

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