MisBits: Achievements Guide

Here are some information on obtaining achievements of the game MisBits. if you have any problems. please let me know.


Achievements to win and lose ↓

Win and lose ↓

1 – Stadium (Kick-Brawl mode).
2 – Battle Arena.
3 – Valley Of The Chins. All I Do is Win Win on 3 different maps. Win on 3 different maps. The Big L Lose on 3 different maps. Play on 3 different maps.

Achievements related to “toys” ↓

Owning a toy ↓

In any game mode, wear any body of the toy. The My old Body is the Ready Possess your first of toy capture his first toy Split Personality [a HIDDEN] Possess 100 toys in total [Hide] Have 100 toys in total old Body-Shifter [a HIDDEN] Possess 1000 toys in total [hide] Possess 1000 toys for all time

Toy theft ↓

Being a head without a body, find a player with a toy body, steal a player’s body by hitting it with LMB. Part-Time Criminal Steal 10 toys from other players Steal 10 toys from other players Just Borrowing [HIDDEN] Steal 99 toys from other players [HIDDEN] Steal 99 toys from other players Master Thief [HIDDEN] Steal 500 toys from other players [HIDDEN] Steal 500 toys from other players

Kick Brawl Achievements ↓

Goals scoring ↓

Kick Rookie
Score your first goal in Kick Brawl
Score your first goal in Kick Brawl Keep Counting Score 7 goals in a Kick Brawl match Score 7 goals in one Kick Brawl game Kick Apprentice [HIDDEN] Score 100 goals in total [HIDDEN ] Score 100 goals in total Kick Master [HIDDEN] Score 500 goals in total [HIDDEN] Score 500 goals in total

Winning matches ↓

Win a Kick Brawl match
Win match «Kick Brawl» Handfull [HIDDEN] Win 42 Kick Brawl matches [Hide] Win 42 match «Kick Brawl» More than a Handfull [HIDDEN] Win 150 Kick Brawl matches [Hide] Win 150 Kick Brawl matches

Achievements of the “Deathmatch” ↓

Achievements are beaten out in matches of the Deathmatch mode.
In the “Team-Deathmatch” mode they are not knocked out.

Killing players ↓

Cereal Killer
Destroy 10 players in total in Deathmatch
Destroy a total of 10 players in Deathmatch Toy Smasher [HIDDEN] Destroy 250 players in total in Deathmatch [HIDDEN] Destroy a total of 250 players in Deathmatch I’m the one who kills [HIDDEN] Destroy 1000 players in total in Deathmatch [HIDDEN] Destroy a total of 1000 players in Deathmatch

Winning matches ↓

Made It to the Top
Win your first Deathmatch
Win your first Deathmatch Smash, Smash, Win, Win [HIDDEN] Win 42 Deathmatches in total [HID] Win 42 Deathmatch in total Master of Kills [HIDDEN] Win 150 Deathmatches in total [HIDDEN] Win 150 Deathmatchs in total

Bounty Hunter Achievements ↓

Bounty Hunter mode is available during Weekend Events.

Head Shots ↓

Lucky Shot
the Perform your first headshot of
made his first shot in the head Head A Hunter [a HIDDEN] the Perform of headshots on 50 players in total [hide] Perform headshots 50 players to the Hyper Sniper [a HIDDEN] the Perform of headshots on 242 players in total [hide] Perform shots to the head of 242 players in total

Toy Hunters Achievements ↓

Perhaps the “Toy Hunters” mode is available during special events.

Owning a special toy ↓

The Special Toy that could
Possess the special toy for the first time
have a special toy first Toy Tamer [HIDDEN] Possess the special toy 200 times in total [Hide] has a special toy 200 times Toy Special-ist [HIDDEN] Possess the special toy 500 times in total [HIDDEN] Possess a special toy 500 times

Destruction of players with a special toy ↓

Face the Battle
Destroy 150 players while possessing the special toy
Destroy 150 players with a special toy

This Achievements guide is translated from RU.  Credit by intellect2147

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