Monster Girl Club Bifrost All Achievements

Here are all achievements lists in Monster Girl Club Bifrost game. each achievement contains the description. if you have any problems, please let me know.   In Game Achievements List Almost Achievements need R-18+ Patch. 1. Owner if Club Bifrost : Cleared Normal Mode 2. Our Club’s Number One : Raised a queen No.1 Monster Girl in your club […]

Monster Girl Club Bifrost R18+ Ptach

This is the rated 18+ patch for Bifrost.   Link to patch Instructions Please download and unzip the files into Club Bifrost’s game folder. You can find your game folder’s location by: Go to your Steam Library, right click on ‘Monster Girl Club Bifrost’, click on ‘Properties…’, go to the ‘Local Files’ tab and […]

Monster Girl Club Bifrost: Basic Gameplay

This guide does not contain R18+ patch version.  hope this guide will help you. This is Management Phase’s main menus. This game’s goal is repay all of gold. You can check Dept Payment and left days on right side. You have already 10,000 G of Funds. You can check Funds on left bottom side. You […]