Monster Girl Island Prologue: All Scenes Guide With Save Files (Steam Version)

If you want to unlock all scenes in the Steam version. here is a full guide for you. you also add a save file for you to download to unlock all scenes which you can unlock them within 1 minute.

Note: the Steam Version Prologue features roughly 1/3rd of the main story (individual girl’s routes not taken into account). It serves as an introductory, standalone, experience before the final release of the game (that won’t be free and won’t be finished for a while).


How to Unlock All Scenes

1. Faranne (Chapter 1) – After you find the crabs and have dinner, she will ask what you want for a reward. It is part of the story so you can’t escape this conversation. PICK THE RED OPTION ASKING TO PLAY WITH HER BOOBS. When you are in her room and doing that, look to the left and you’ll see a “NEXT” sign, walk there to move on. She will talk to you more, make sure you pick options to keep going with her, and it is crucial to pick the option that mentions you to be PUNISHED. After finishing with her you get the scene.

2. Mako (Chapter 2)- Before this, make sure you accepted Ophelia’s offer in exchange for a crab in Chapter 1 (Not sure if refusing affects this but accept to be safe). Ophelia will mention you meeting her when talking near the red crystals. After you find Renge’s sister and are back in the Village, go to the Beach where there is an event. There you will meet Mako, after your first conversation she will tell you to go away. Keep trying to talk to her until you get the RED conversation option. Make sure not to refuse her advances. After the scene it is unlocked

3. Mako Part 2 (Interlude)- You can do this anytime in Interlude so long as you did the scene with her earlier in the game (to be safe do it during the first day of this chapter). Talk to her at the Lake on at the dock. She wants to make you a better husband, go along with her plans. She will want to meet you at the Beach, go there. She’ll make you run a maze to get a flag, do that till you finish the challenge. Talk to her again near the Beach dock, keep talking till you get the RED option, do some more “training” and you get the scene unlocked.

4. Renge (Chapter 2)- After you find her sister she will thank you and want to meet you on the central bridge that night. Finish up what you have to do doing the day then proceed to night time. She will be on the bridge behind your house, if she isn’t then wait till she gets there. Talk to her till you get the RED option. Do the event and you get the scene. (This scene can only happen the day you find her sister, any later and it won’t happen)

5. Eris (Chapter 3)- As part of the story you have to play her games till you beat round 2. After that, the topic of the reward comes up, keep talking till you get the RED option, keep the scene going and you get the scene unlocked.

6. Mystery Girl (End of Chapter 3)- For this you will have to NOT FOOL AROUND WITH ANY GIRLS UNTIL YOU MEET HER. This means you must not choose any RED options with any of the previously listed girls, you gotta be a virgin till you meet this girl, or you won’t get this scene. If you stay a virgin, she will do the scene and you have it unlocked. You will meet her when you sleep on the night of Chapter 3. (You will have to do a separate playthrough to get this scene, after your scene with this girl you can do whatever, but may affect what happens once more of the story is added).

7. Shuri (Interlude)- You can do this at anytime in this chapter, and is required for an event. Go to the abandoned house in the Forest where Ara mentioned there was a family who used to live there, that is where where you will meet her, choose the RED option when it comes up. Keep proceeding with her demands, ask for more, you’ll get the scene unlocked after she finishes with you.

8. Adeline (Interlude) (Arachnophobes BEWARE)- You do this anytime in this chapter, but is required to do for an event. Go to the house at the top of the biggest hill in the Village, it will show up on your map. Save before you go in just in case you mess up in the next interaction. When you go in the house, eat the ham and you’ll meet Adeline. When talking with her, keep going till you get the option to PAT HER which is in RED. In this interaction you gotta pet her head, face, arms and belly, NOT HER BREASTS yet. For this you gotta pet those areas for a few seconds, then move to a different area, if you keep doing the same area or her breasts she will dislike it. She has a meter that will tell you where her love is at. Keep doing this till fill the meter and you move on to the next scene. If you don’t do it right it gets to a point where you can’t fill the love meter, if this happens go back to your save before entering the house and try again. After this, just keep proceeding with the scene like you want to keep going. After a sticky situation you’ll be done and get the scene.

Credit to MetalThrashFox


All Scenes Save File Download

Google Drive[]

Put the file in

%UserProfile%\AppData\LocalLow\by redamz\

If you do not know how to find the save file. Just follow the steps below.

1. press Windows Key + R
2. paste the path %UserProfile%\AppData\LocalLow\by redamz\
3. press Enter

Technical Details

%UserProfile%\AppData\LocalLow\by redamz\Monster Girl Islandul.dat

The save file can be easily modified using a hex editor like WinHex.

WARNING: back up your save file first.

Each 01 stands for a scene. (I do not know what the meaning of previous 01. DO NOT change it.)
There will be 00 in the same place if you did not unlock the scene. Change it to 01 to unlock it.

Credit to Jat

Thanks to MetalThrashFox and Jat for his great guide, all credit to his effort. enjoy the game.

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