Monster Harvest: Bginners’ Guide (Min-Maxing the First Week)

This guide is as the title suggests – to help players have an ideal start to the game. Maximizing profit, utilizing energy consumption, and making decisions can be difficult in the early stages of games like these. I adore this game, despite it’s shortcomings, and I saw there weren’t any walkthroughs yet, so I decided to make one! Spoiler Warning!
Day 1

You can’t do much here other than plant your 9 seeds, chop some wood, and mine some rocks. Professor Spark blocks the exit, so just focus on planting and farm clearing. To maximize experience, don’t chop ANY of the trees as you will use more energy than the experience you can get just getting rid of the logs and rocks on the ground. By the end of the day, you should have enough exp to get your first level, which will unlock the craft recipe for a Chest .

Tip: Restart a new game until you get a good clearing so you aren’t forced to chop any big trees in the way. Also, choose to sleep until evening every chance you get to maximize the amount of energy you can utilize at least until you can upgrade better tools.

Day 2

Much like the first day, although now you can visit the town. Don’t forget to water your plants! Also, today is the first day you can forage, which doesn’t consume any energy, but gives you experience, as you make your way into town. Visit every shop for introduction cutscenes, and if you want a map, I suggest you read the signs. Also, during the evening is the only time the Saloon is open. The east and west exits of the town both are unlockable locations, and cost $1500 a piece.

Important!: Make sure you visit the professor as he will provide you with your first Red Slime. Slime one of your planted Mutato seeds before the day ends!

By the end of today, you will have gained enough experience to unlock the craft recipe for Basic Fence .

Tip: This early in the game, I recommend selling everything except for slimes. The consumables don’t give you near enough energy to really make a difference, and tool upgrades are crucial to maximize energy utilization. Also, there doesn’t seem to be much reward wise for gifting villagers yet, but that can always be done later in the game when money is not so much of a concern.

Day 3

Rain! There will always be rain on this day, so no worries about wasting energy watering plants. Same routine as before – farm clearing, foraging, talking with villagers, and utilizing the evening.

Feel free to stop by Professor Spark’s lab today, as he will tell you info on how to make hybrids.

By the end of today, if you were diligent, you will have gained enough experience to unlock the craft recipes for Wood Path and Scarecrow . I’m not sure how effective the scarecrow is, or it’s range for coverage, but feel free to place one in the middle of your crops anyway just in case.

Day 4

If you’re lucky, it might be another rainy day. If so, more energy can be utilized for max exp! Nothing new here, so keep the same routine.

By the end of today, your farm should be cleared of logs and rocks, and over halfway to the next player level. You can also utilize evening energy for clearing a tree or two on your farm.

Day 5

The day we’ve been waiting for!! You wake up to Professor Spark running from an aggressive Red Slime, but it runs away soon after he meets up with you. The professor proceeds to tell you more about the slimes and gives you your sword and your first PLANIMAL – a Mutanko!! Now, we can head to the dungeon tonight!

I recommend saving your energy after you water your plants for mining in the dungeon. Make sure to forage for everything you can for exp and profit.

Tip: What we really want from the dungeons is gold ore – it’s needed for all your first tool upgrades and each node drops one chunk of ore. One tool upgrade requires 10 gold ore and $1000. I suggest refraining from battling if possible to use as much energy as you can to get the ore. Then have at it afterwards! Also, for battling, you can use your sword to strike at enemies before the battle starts for a pre-emptive strike! If you were lucky to encounter some red slimes, keep at least 4 of them and sell the rest for a great $150 each!

If you had good luck, it’s possible to end this day with having encountered some red and/or green slimes, been able to mine for 10 gold ore, and got one crystal from a red, green, or blue crystal node. I recommend selling one of each of the crystals in order to register it in the collections for the reward. You may have even encountered an enemy Mutanko and/or Radcross, for which victory would net you some free seeds! And if you were really lucky/skilled in battles, you would have netted a Bonion, Yam, and/or Glowshroom. Sell at least one of each.

Even without good luck, your determination will have unlocked the recipe to make Red Slime .

Before the day ends, if you were able to collect and place into the Consignment Board one of each requirement for the Enemy Collection, then tomorrow check the collection sign in the middle of town and click on the ? for your reward: More Effective Pickaxes !

Day 6

If you’ve had good luck finding much while foraging, finding extra red slimes, and being diligent with energy consumption, you may have enough money and materials for 3 choices:

  • You could buy a Backpack Upgrade for $1000.
  • You could buy your first tool upgrade for $1000 and 10 gold ore. Make sure to have the tool in your inventory. *Highly recommend upgrading the pickaxe first.*
  • Unlock either the west location or the east location. *Highly recommend unlocking the west entrance first for a Fishing Rod *

If you’re like me, I chose the backpack upgrade for an extra 8 slots of inventory.

Focus your energy consumption depending on the choice you made. Of course, if you were able to get any free seeds from battling in the dungeons, be sure to plant those! If your Mutanko died the first time in the dungeons, focus energy on removing trees from your farm, or you can find random logs and rocks on the ground as you forage for items. Make sure to slime a second mutato seed tonight if you lost your first one.

Day 7

Your first harvest! Also, your first official Planimal harvest, which is a Mutanko. If you’re doing well, the second Mutanko will end up in your Planimal pen. If you have enough money, go for one of the choices from day 6. Now you have more options in how you want to utilize your energy consumption.

By the end of today, you could have enough experience to level again to unlock the craft recipe for Cobble Path .

You’ve done it! You’ve utilized your first week to the best of your abilities!

Day 8 and Beyond

Set a daily routine for yourself for watering plants, foraging, when to utilize mining time, battling, and so forth.

On Day 10, make sure to stop by the northwest corner of the map past the balloon sign for the Planimal Parade! This is important because you will only be able to unlock the Brainkin and Glowfruit seeds here. After you buy at least one of each, they will now be available for purchase at the General Store.

Day 14 is your first chance to visit the Recreation Center, which is only open on Fridays! Here you can battle NPCs for prizes and badges. I’d suggest trying to visit here every chance possible.

Your second week is where you can start making the decision to construct the Stable or construct your Barn. You’ll need Blue Slime to slime your plants to create livestock and you’ll need Super Blue Slime to slime a seed to create a mount. It’s up to you which one you want first – speeeeeeeed or livestock produce.

Tips, Tricks, Suggestions
  • For tool upgrades, I highly recommend this order: pickaxe, fishing rod, watering can, hoe, sword.
  • You will get lots of red slimes. I recommend selling your excess (beyond 4) and your red crystals for some awesome profit! $150 per Red Slime and $50 per Red Crystal!
  • As harsh as it may sound, don’t be afraid to let your Planimals die. Much like Darkest Dungeon, your first Planimals can serve as stepping stones into making the strongest, as when they die, they will serve to enrich your farm. Soil level = base Planimal level. Even your current party of Planimals will get leveled to the base soil level if they are lower.
  • You don’t have to wait for all the seasons to come by in order to get all the fish! There are fish for day and evening, and if you collect them all you will be rewarded with: More Effective Fishing Rods before the Dry Season ends.
  • As far as I’ve seen, you don’t need to buy any food for your livestock. It automatically supplies hay every day, but you have to make sure you manually feed them until you get it automated.

If you have any further tips, tricks, and/or suggestions, please leave them in the comments and I’ll update them in the guide. Happy monster harvest!

Thanks to Giratsuku for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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