Monster Sanctuary: Forgotten World Update Achievement Guide

Here is a guide on how to get all new achievements in the latest Forgotten World update. Note:  This is a free update that will be downloaded automatically for anyone owning Monster Sanctuary.   Forgotten World Update 7 achievements were added along with the Forgotten World update. The first 3 listed here are story-related and cannot be missed. Journey […]

Monster Sanctuary: The 5-Star Champion Guide

A simple guide for earning a 5-star rating on all champions in Monster Sanctuary.   READ FIRST: About This Guide There will be SPOILERS ahead! Tons of them! Do not read further if you do not want numerous spoilers on the monsters and various challenges in the game, because there are many and they are […]

Monster Sanctuary: Shift Stone Locations (How to Farm)

Where to find every Shift Stone in the game, and how to farm them.   OVERWORLD SHIFT STONE #1 LOCATION: Sun Palace REQUIREMENT: Defeat Zosimos at the top of Sun Palace SHIFT STONE #2 LOCATION: Blue Caves REQUIREMENT: Swimming SHIFT STONE #3 LOCATION: Snowy Peaks REQUIREMENT: Warm Underwear + Swimming (alternatively, Improved Flying) SHIFT STONE […]