Monster Sanctuary: All Monsters Guide (Rare or Unusual Skills)

The wiki is a good source for detailed information about every monster, but sometimes you just want a supplemental companion for niche skills.   Pre-Amble and Foreward Heads up! This is just a summary supplement about rare skills and combos. For more detailed information please consult the wiki. Here’s the general format 0 Monster Zero […]

Monster Sanctuary: Shift Stone Locations (How to Farm)

Where to find every Shift Stone in the game, and how to farm them.   OVERWORLD SHIFT STONE #1 LOCATION: Sun Palace REQUIREMENT: Defeat Zosimos at the top of Sun Palace SHIFT STONE #2 LOCATION: Blue Caves REQUIREMENT: Swimming SHIFT STONE #3 LOCATION: Snowy Peaks REQUIREMENT: Warm Underwear + Swimming (alternatively, Improved Flying) SHIFT STONE […]