Monster Train: How to Fix Game Crash

Monster Train is an enjoyable deck-building roguelike game that manages to reinvent both genres with some interesting new game mechanics. however, this new game seems sun with a game crash or game not launch issue. here is a simple guide on how to fix this game crash when you are playing or just launch the game.


How to Fix Game Crash in Monster Train game?

The game tries to talk with the game servers but they are currently down. This leads to a time out. While the game is waiting for the servers response it is unresponsive. When you launch the game just wait 30-60 seconds and it should launch. Don’t click or do anything.

Credit to 朱利安


Here are the features for the game, You’ll never play the same deck twice!
* over 220 cards
* 5 monster clans with each very different gameplay
* Each clan has 10 levels to unlock, bringing new cards to your deck
* Upgrade your clan specific champion multiple times
* 88 artifacts
* Upgrade any card twice
* More than 21 unique random events
* 25 covenant (difficulty) levels


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1 thought on “Monster Train: How to Fix Game Crash

    Louis-François Duchaine-Vézina

    (May 24, 2020 - 6:39 pm)

    That game also crashes the whole computer. It just did for mine and I was at last boss. 🙁
    COMPLETELY froze my computer and I have a very good machine too.

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