Monster Train: How to Play Awoken

Here is a basic/indepth guide to playing Awoken. feel free to make a comment if you have any problems.   General Overview of Awoken This is the second part of a series where I introduce you to how I play each clan and think about the cards. In the following sections I will rate and […]

Monster Train: Hellhorned Guide

Here is a basic/in-depth guide to playing Hellhorned. feel free to add a comment.   General Overview of Hellhorned This is going to be a start of a series where I will introduce you to how I play each clan and think about the cards. Meet the Hornbreaker Prince: the leader card of the Hellhorned. […]

Monster Train Save File Location

Monster Train is a strategic roguelike deck building game with a twist. if you have the save issues and want to find the save file location, you come to the right place.   How to Find the Monster Train Game Save File Location? C:\Users\(USER)\AppData\LocalLow\Shiny Shoe   if you are stucked in the game after playing it once, […]

Monster Train: How to Fix Game Crash

Monster Train is an enjoyable deck-building roguelike game that manages to reinvent both genres with some interesting new game mechanics. however, this new game seems sun with a game crash or game not launch issue. here is a simple guide on how to fix this game crash when you are playing or just launch the […]

Monster Train: Intermediate Guide

Monster Train Intermediate Guide – assumes basic familiarity with the game. TLDR: Build a strategy based around synergies which enable greater than linear scaling.   Strategic Principles Scaling The game has numerous possibilities for synergies to drastically improve the value proposition of your units and spells. The classic example of improved scaling is giving a […]