moon: Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Configuration and Buttons

A guide on how to play moon with the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller on PC and explanation of what buttons do what


Switch Pro Controller configuration

steam://controllerconfig/1714580/2686496925 (paste this into your web browser)

I can’t work out how to share my controller configuration on the community so I am linking this manually. I have tried to emulate the PS4 controls[] to the Switch Pro Controller as closely as possible while also keeping some of the PC specific functionality. Hopefully the stick clicking isn’t too annoying. I don’t think it is a high octane game so hopefully you won’t click it by accident. Leave a comment if you have any feedback. I think the menu / item bar were the wrong way around on PC, so I switched it.

PC key
Pro Controller Button
+Control Pad
Character movement / Cursor movement
Left Stick
Character movement / Cursor movement
B Button
Confirm / Skip message / Talk / Examine / Soul Catch
A Button
Cancel / Return to previous screen
X Button
Open menu screen
Y Button
Bring up item bar
+ Button
Start game from title screen / Pause during game
– Button
Quit game
R Button
Skip to next track in MD program
L Button
Skip to previous track in MD program
F12 by default
Capture Button
Takes a screenshot
ZL Button + ZR Button
Toggle graphical filter mode
Left Stick click
Toggle windowed mode
Right Stick click
Toggle language between Japanese and English

Thanks to テレパシー能力者 for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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