Moonlighter Guide and Tips for New Players

Moonlighter” is a pixel style-character-playing game with high requirements for operation and backplane. So what problems do you need to pay attention to when you experience the game for novices, and what are the tips to avoid serious mistakes? we will share with you a new “Getting Started” tips and precautions.


Newcomer notes:

The most important thing is to get an equipment and then strengthen the defense with magic. There is no more important thing than defense. The second is to choose a weapon with magic strengthened, After pass the match, and the next level you just repeat to strengthen your equipment.

The most annoying thing in the game is not monsters, but thieves. 8 out of the 30 guests are thieves. They just keep coming back. When they come, you have to re-stock the goods. There are few people to buy the goods.

There are two kinds of items in the game, useful and useless. When upgrading equipment or purchasing equipment, add expectation or wish mark to the insufficient items, and the rest can be sold (no negative effects or need to be used for the time being). As for the storage space is not enough, sell them!

Some dimensional cracks can make you encounter the next level of monsters. It seems that you can upgrade the equipment early. In fact, it’s money down the drain, the things inside are very scattered and not enough, basically not enough for you to upgrade the equipment.

There is a hidden room. When you enter the picture, the dark position will flash for a moment. If you don’t see it, you don’t have to go. It is very difficult to see.


Game small BUG tips:

1.Press ESC to exit during the conversation, sometimes it will be stuck, you can’t close the dialog box, etc., you can completely quit the game and replay the same day.

2.The props will be inexplicably magnetically out of the screen (the default part will be magnetic to you, and when you are fully equipped, it will occasionally be magnetically out of the screen, very fast)

3.Occasionally killing all monsters can’t automatically open the door to let you enter the next level (it is estimated that you can only press L to return to the city)

4.The first level of BOSS will occasionally generate invincible slime, no blood bar, cannot be killed, but it will chase you.

5.Occasionally, using the portal to go back and forth to the dungeon, the dungeon map will not be displayed.

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