Morels The Hunt: Hints for Golden Morels and Collectibles

This guide gives you tips and hints for finding the Golden Morels and the collectible objects (except dinosaur bones) in the levels. It is designed to not give away the exact location, but just the information you need to successfully find them yourself.


Read this first

The game “Morels” is about finding things – morels obviously, other mushrooms, animals, Golden morels and a few “lost things” from our civilization. So, when you look here for getting the location of some collectibles, ask yourself following questions first:

  1. Did you use the Golden Morel hints given in the Hunter’s manual. They are typically sufficient to find the Golden morels easily.
  2. Do you want to to spoil yourself the pleasure of finding these things on your own?
  3. Did you actually take the time to look for them on your own or are you just after quick achievements?

As you will see I will be heavily using spoiler tags in this guide, plus I will only give you just the hints you need to go the “last mile” of finding the things yourself. I have seen this concept in other guides for other games and I liked it. If you want a plain “Search A? -> Here on map” guide, feel free to look somewhere else.

Since I found all the things listed here without consulting a guide, you might see a “TO BE FOUND” entry on some collectibles, marking those I haven’t found myself yet.
If you find mistakes in my guide (and be it just spelling or grammar), feel free to drop me a note below.

Some general morel finding hints

The best weather to find normal morels is an overcast day, but a rainy day is also OK (but difficult in the night with the headlamp on). On sunny days, turning the headlamp on can help coping with the strong contrasts. Normal and Golden morels are also relatively easy found during the dusk and night with either the headlamp on or the camera on “Night mode”, because then most mushroom species stand out relatively well due to their bright color. Especially Golden Morels are easier to find during the night since the emit a faint golden glow. The also emit a slight buzzing sound if you are close to them.

Another general hint is that Golden morels and collectibles are often (but not always) on the border of a map and/or in slightly less accessible places. If you find a hidden passage, chances are, you will find something precious there.

That said, let’s start searching now …

Golden Morels

Cabin in the Woods

  • Tip 1: It grows on the far side of the river.
  • Tip 2: Search for it west of the large morel statue.


Georgia Woods

  • Tip 1: You have to cross a cave first
  • Tip 2: When you enter the swamp area, it is on the opposite side of the swamp.


Indiana Country

  • Tip 1: Close to the border of the central field
  • Tip 2: Have a look around the tractor.


Northern Lakes

  • Tip 1: Look in the western area
  • Tip 2: It’s located up a slope on the upper map border.


Rocky Mountains

  • Tip 1: It is located in a rocky area in the northwest
  • Tip 2: It can best be spotted by looking down from close to the road.


Texas Ranch

  • Tip 1: As the guide hints, look for a dead-end street on the map.
  • Tip 2: At the lower map border


Redwood Forest

  • Tip 1: It is located in a small canyon near the river.
  • Tip 2: Look for it “west” of (and below) the largest waterfall.

Other collectibles

Wapiti antlers

  • Map Texas Ranch
  • Tip 1: Near a rusty car
  • Tip 2: Near the outer fence


Gargoyle Statue

  • Map Georgia Woods
  • Tip 1: In the swamp area
  • Tip 2: On the water edge in the “southern” area of the swamp



  • Map Rocky Mountains ?
  • Tip: At the edge of the map




  • Map ?
  • Tip: ?


Clay Pot

  • Map Cabin in the woods
  • Tip 1: In the isolated area in the northwestern corner
  • Tip 2: Pickup


Gold coin


  • Map ?
  • Tip: ?


Old bowl

  • Map Cabin in the woods
  • Tip: Search for it in the river


Pearl neclace

  • Map Northern Lake
  • Tip 1: A scuba diving set is recommended, but not required.
  • Tip 2: Dive for a sunken boat


Old shield

  • Map Redwoods
  • Tip 1: Next to a fallen tree not far from the upper map border
  • Tip 2: You see it better coming from the upper map border.




  • Map ?
  • Tip: ?


Old sword

  • Map Redwoods
  • Tip 1: On the right hand sind of the river.
  • Tip 2: In a stone not too far from the lower map border


Ball and chain

  • Map Georgia Forest
  • Tip 1: In a cave
  • Tip 2: In the western cave, high above your starting point.

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