Mountains of Madness: Map of the Forest and Some Puzzle Answers

This is not an indepth guide, it is just two of the more difficult puzzles and a map of the forest area (with the order of pressing the panels). Hope it helps you if you’re stuck!



This is just a quick rundown on two of the puzzles that took me more time to figure out then the rest (overall, all the other puzzles weren’t too complicated)


The mix that Akeley made for his dream adventure is:
2 Red + 4 Blue = 0.2 Desired + 0.4 Undesired (need 8 Green to remove the undesired)

You need to mix:
4 Yellow + 2 Blue + 8 Green


The answer to the altar combination lock is on the back of the seats, and our first number is marked as III-I (the bottom left chair). So like any good combination lock you go from left to right, here is the combination:

  • 3 LEFT
  • 4 RIGHT
  • 7 LEFT
  • 5 RIGHT
  • 7 LEFT
  • 3 RIGHT

Forest Map

You can only activate this puzzle when you return with your buddies. The correct order is:

  • the bottom right panel first, press WATER.
  • the top left panel, press MOUNTAINS.
  • the bottom left panel, press STARS.
  • last, press the MUSICIANS on the top right panel.

The door will open letting you know you got it correct.

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