Mr. Hopp’s Playhouse: 100% Achievements Guide

Hello! Before we start I’d like to tell you that discovering all of the secrets was such a great experience. I’d recommend anyone who’s going for 100% achievements to play the game without a guide first.

Also, thanks for the community for answering my questions for the last achievement I was struggling with. You all are so great! ♥

Some tips for playthrough:

➤ Until you see Mr. Hopp the first time while you are walking to your bed, he won’t attack you.
➤ For me, baiting Mr. Hopp to be behind me before I start running made the my life a little easier. You can use toys to make Mr. Hopp move.
➤ The game saves your progress as you pick up tape recorder and tapes/do tasks such as clicking the main gate or trying to go back to bed. After every step game changes a little and all secrets can be obtained at specific save period. If you’d like to optimize your time i’d recommend you to double check secrets tab after every tape.

Tape Recorder & Tapes

I wanted to give tapes their own section so special ending walkthroughs don’t look overwhelming. When you see “Collect tapes” you can come back to this section if you’d like.

Tape Recorder:

Tape 1:

Tape 2:

Tape 3:

Tape 4:

Tape 5:

Tape 6:


There are 3 different endings.

1) First goal is to go to your parent’s room, keep moving to right and enter the door at the end of the path. You get a new task to go back to bed. Move back to bed and ignore “Task: leave the house” for the first ending.

2-3) I’m going to explain how to get “Burn, Baby, Burn!” and “Run, Baby, Run!” at the same time, if you don’t want to burn the house just skip picking up liquid, matches and burning the rug steps.

a) After you get the “Task: leave the house” go to the entrance of the house by passing the living room. Interact with the door. After the line, interact with the cabinet on the right side to get the kitchen key.

b) Pick up the tape recorder. Then pick up tapes 1 and 2. (If you are going for “Run, Baby, Run!” achievement, you can skip step b, c, d and just pick up all the tapes.)

c) Go back to the kitchen and pick up lighter fluid. If you come here at any other tape-progress time, you won’t be able to see the lighter fluid.

d) Pick up rest of the tapes.

 Your new task is to find the key to your parents’ closet. It’s in the hallway between parents’ bedroom and your bedroom, in a plant pot:

 Go back to your parents’ bedroom and enter the closet. There’s a safe, interact with it and enter the code: 1804 for the slingshot. You’ll get a new task: find Mr. Hopp

e) If you proceed to the living room, the game won’t let you to go back. If you are going for “Run, Baby, Run!” achievement you can ignore this part and skip to step f. If you are going for “Burn, Baby, Burn!”, go back to the hallway and shoot the plant on the cabinet to get matches.

f) Go to the living room. If you picked up lighter liquid and matches, you’ll be able to interact with the paper (or rug?? I am not sure what it is.) After burning it, run to the entrance of the house to get another line. Go back to meet your nana, and run for your life.


There are total 6 secrets and every secret is obtainable at specific times of the game. Mostly locked between tape-saves.

1) After picking up the kitchen key, you’ll see a clown toy on your way to the kitchen. It appears after interacting with the entrance door for the first time and disappears when you leave the scene. You need to step on it 8 times (for me, it was more than 8 so make sure to step on it a bit more.) If you do that, the wall next to the tape recorder will have an opening. Enter the opening for the first secret:

2) Before picking the 3rd tape, check the right side of the tape and interact with the toy for 2nd secret.

3) After picking up the 3rd tape, go to the upper floor. Next to the christmas tree there’s going to be a door. Interact with it for 3rd secret.

4) After picking up the 4th tape, go back to your room for another secret.

5) After picking up the 5th tape, go to the upper floor again, there’s another secret next to the christmas tree.

6) Before you obtain the slingshot, use the code 1987 for another secret.


There are 2 more achievements that seems to be the hardest ones, some believe this is a bit buggy. I think this is just time-locked as every other thing in this game. If you are having trouble to get the all toys achievement, take your time to step on every single toy before you interact with the house entrance and don’t forget to step on the clown toy after interacting the main door.

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