Mr.Mine: Automated Chest Grabbing (V.018)

Here is a way to grab chests without clicking on them! Note: This method works in the latest version 0.18 if your game is not the latest version. please upgrade your game first.   Finding the file Open this folder: your_drive:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MrMine\win-unpacked\resources\app\Shared\src\chest   Look for the javascript file called: ChestService.js   Edit the file Backup […]

Mr.Mine: Quickly 100% Achievements (In 1 Hour)

Here is a guide on how to get all achievements just in one hour?   Introduction Hello my fellow friend! You got here to farm achievements and get +1 perfect game for your Steam library, right? Well, you’re on the right way P.S. Currently you can’t change language in the game, so I took in-game screenshots with russian […]

Mr.Mine: Everything You’ll Need to Know

Here are some tips you should know before you start this game, that will tell you what you do or don’t do.   The Do’s DO Play Mr. Mine Sell only what you need to Complete quests Keep your eyes peeled for those wonderful wonderful chests that give you FREE STUFF!!! Talk to this man The Dont’s DONT’S Stop playing […]