Mrs. Santa’s Gift Hunt: 100% Achievements Guide

A simple guide for obtaining all the achievements


Mrs Santa’s Gift Hunt is a short (~30 min) and casual JRPG with a Christmas theme and a warm story.
In order to obtain all the achievements in 1 playthrough you need to:
– collect all the presents
– defeat the final boss
– do not steal from the orphans

Collecting all the presents will unlock an extra minigame (required for the “Replacement Santa” achievement), while defeating / not defeating the final boss has an effect only on the dialogue of the ending sequence (some lines are changed).
Stealing from the orphans will considerably reduce your score, making “It’s over 9000!” achievement not obtainable, even with all presents collected and the final boss defeated.

Some additional notes:
– you can escape any of the enemy fights, apart from the end boss and 2 special fights
– enemies can be avoided without any trouble by going around them
– buying the sword from the yellow snowman can help you defeat the end boss easier, especially if you don’t own the Jackie Frost DLC.
– try to collect the items from the chests, you’ll need them during the final battle.

1. Top-left corner of the map, at the bottom tree

2. Right edge of the map

3. On top of the DLC character

4. Banquet Hall

5. Right side of the room

6. Left side of the room

While you are in this room, make sure to listen to 15 jokes for the achievement:

Encore, encore!

Listen to 15 jokes of Timmy in a row

7. Talk to the girl and give her the cocoa

8. Talk to the boy and give him the toy sword

💾 Before this it’s better to save (go outside and use the blue crystal).
Go up and left through the kitchen and open the chest.


Steal from Orphans and ruin their Christmas

💾 Reload your save game.

Pick up the flashlight, you won’t be able to go to the next area (the path to this area is on the top edge of the map) without it. The house with the flashlight is this one:

Flashlight location:

9. Snowballs puzzle

These are fake presents; opening them starts a fight scene

10. You receive this present when you defeat jack.

The fight with jack is a long one and you could use some of the items that drop from the chests, so make sure to pick those up before as well.

Saviour of Christmas

Defeat Jack and save Christmas

If you collected all the gifts, then you can unlock an extra minigame during the ending sequence. You’ll need to land all 10 gifts during the sleigh minigame. It’s a repeatable minigame, just keep trying till you get all 10 inside the chimneys.

Replacement Santa

Land all the gifts during sleigh flight

If you collected all the gifts, you should already have a score higher than 9000.
Defeating Jack is not required.
Watch the ending cutscene, the achievement triggers after the credits.

It’s over 9000!

Reach a score of over 9000

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