Muck: How to Craft the Chunky Hammer

Here’s a quick guide showcasing how to make the Chunky Hammer, aka the best weapon in the game (for now)


How to get the materials
To get the hammer handle and the chunkium , you need to defeat the boss called Big Chunk, and depending on your luck, it may drop either a hammer handle or the mineral (You can get the mob drop rate increase upgrade by openning blue chests)

How to craft the Hammer
To craft the Chunky Hammer, you need a hammer handle and 15 Chunkium ingots

Smelt the 15 chunkium ores in your furnace (I recommend using two furnaces as the smelting is the slowest in the game)
Once you’re done, go on your anvil, and create the Chunky Hammer

And voila! You’ve now got the most powerfull weapon in the game!

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