Muck: How to Deal With BIG CHUNK

this guide probably helps you defeat BIG CHUNK by yourself in the best game ever (MUCK)


BIG CHUNK is a really CHUNKY boy that does a lot of damage and really hurts. he usually spawns at the sixth night or something around there.

He’s really fat BIG and looks like the normal rock golems but CHUNKY-er.

What do you get for killing him?
After killing BIG CHUNK you get parts to craft his hammer. I’m pretty sure its a good weapon but I’ve never gotten it.

Make sure to be prepared with weapons/armor/items before night 6 so you can easily take care of BIG CHUNK. A bow is recommended so you can shoot him from far away.

Dodge the rock attacks
BIG CHUNK throws big rocks that really hurt so you should probably dodge them. they’re pretty slow though, so its easy.

Take care of the other enemies
First you have to kill all the other enemies, or else they might distract you from the CHUNKY MAN that is BIG CHUNK.

Just bait them away and slay them. Easy!

Don’t die.
Read the section title. It’s obvious.

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