Muck: Seed for Beginners (Early Loot)

This muck seed for update 3 spawns players next to a Smith’s Hut containing semi early game weapons, crafting materials, and gold coins. Nearby players can also find a cave with early tools.


The Seed

The seed featured in this guide is: rocknrollmuckdonalds

Copy and paste this seed into your pregame lobby and you will be good to go.


Your spawn will look like this:

Turn around 180 degrees and you will see the Smith’s hut.

Inside The Smith’s Hut

Inside the Smith’s Hut you will find:

A map to the boat,
a random, but generous amount of gold coins,
gold ingots,
iron ingots,
an iron sword,
iron boots,
some wood,
and some coal.

Don’t forget to use the anvil outside of the hut to craft your gold ingots into coins to be able to unlock some extra chests.

The Cave

Once you have collected your loot from the Smith’s Hut, head down to the water to the right of it.

You should be able to see a cave in the distance.

Inside this cave, you will be able to find various ores.

Look inside the chest to reveal:
More gold coins, and a gold pickaxe.

Bonus Jack’s Hut

Head back toward the original Smith’s Hut, then start heading for the boat.

On your way to the boat, you will come across a Jack’s Hut

Inside the hut you can find:
Some food,
and some wooden building materials.

Thanks to Bandita for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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