Muck: Seeds for update 3

Updated Jun 29 | Here are some seeds for the latest update 3, Not the best seeds but still good seeds.


Update Jun 29 New Seed

Seed 1: 1202831105

3 huts and a cave nearby at the spawn.

leftmost hut: 3 bread, 10 birch, 1 boat map, 3 apples, workbench

cave: golden pickaxe, 5 raw obamium

middle hut: 3 apples, cauldron

rightmost hut: steel chest plate, 6 wood, 7 iron ingots, 10 coal, 7 mithril ingots, anvil
basically, a huge headstart in the game. there is also lots of iron, a little mithril, and a lot of adamantite nearby.

Seed 2: 12323212
Contents of the Seed:
As you start, you will immediately find a small hut, 3 old chests (free), the small hut has a furnace, gold pickaxe, iron helmet, and some bread, this gives you access to mithril, which you can find near the spawn point. Iron is easy to get as it spawns near the hut with the furnace, gold is also nearby the hut and there is also a randomly generated cave nearby with a few huts nearby as well, you can get iron there and more advanced materials such as rubies, obamium, and adamantite.
Credit to xng1.


Seeds for update 3
-270721828 – Big Chunk summon at spawn, Get pickaxe and get free chunkium
1466020235 – Iron pickaxe, furnace
-109412323 – Lot of healing nearby, Guardian summon
-129137429 – nearby blade(in nest), Gronk summon nearby. Sword time?
-2111731397 – Big Chunk summon at spawn, Gronk summon
Maybe The Best Seed for Update3 
On this seed, nearby you will find a cave with a crate with a night blade
Credit to Kacperek

Thanks to Mummuline for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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